Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Deckers take Canada Part 1

From Nashville to the Fairmont in Whistler was a grueling 14 hour trip. We had flight delays almost missed our flight change and what we were told to be a 1.5 hour bus ride turned into almost 3 hour bus ride

We flew into Vancouver. The city is HUGE and streets are crowded and views are stunning!

Although the bus ride was loooong we got to see things like:
This & This

Our first night we had a group dinner at the Fairmont and Nashville began to overtake the FirePit area. I'm really not sure where all the other Dell folks congregated (TX, Canada, India, Latin America) but we made our claim!

It was in the back of the Fairmont and looked out at the Blackcomb Mountain. It was also the locale of one of The Bachelorette's romantic nights.

We awake to fresh mountain air. All Dell employees have to do a team builder down in the lobby and the Plus 1's are free to roam. I quickly made an awesome friend Sarah. Sarah's fiance, Adam, is on Josh's team. He's actually the guy that got shot a few months ago leaving his bartending job in Nashville! He's also a total foodie who I learned tons from! Anyway, Sarah and I ventured out and together we discovered this bridge:

This bridge connects Upper Village, where we stayed, to Whistler Village, where all the shopping, restaurants and gondolas are. We also have to cross through LOTS of Olympic construction. If there's one thing we did in Whistler it was WALK! Everywhere! Everyone there is Fit & Fabulous and totally inspired me! I enjoy the outdoors and there were sooo many outdoor adventures to be had there it made my head spin.
After the Dell Team Builder we got a pretty large group together and decided to do the Peak to Peak. This is a very new attraction. It's also VERY high...Josh is terrified of heights. Basically you take a 25 min. gondola ride up Whistler Mountain. Hope off, enjoy the little restaurant, grab some coffee, maybe some amaretto and gander at the heart melting views :

After you've gotten your fill of this Mountain you embark on a massive gondola that will take you from Whistler to Blackcomb. This is an 11 minute ride 1,427 feet over Fitzsimmon Creek (more like a river would look to us Americans). It's the longest continuous lift system on the globe. Oh, by the way, I got total motion sickness on the way up! I was like a kid in a candy store turning and looking out all the windows to take in all the nature scenes. Not a good idea for someone who gets motion sick. Lesson Learned.
Glass Bottom Gondola...totally not worth the wait.
More Canadian life to come...


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