Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Potty Training 101

I had been planning since Brynn's 2nd birthday to start the potty training process this summer.
My plan of attack was to just stay home as much as possible
and let her run around naked, moving the potty from room to room with us.
Her prize would be a sticker to decorate the potty and a few chocolate covered raisins.
I figured that summer would be the best time since we didn't have any vacation plans
and I wouldn't have to worry about running Logan back and forth to school.
Well, our washer broke, as you might remember.
At the beginning of summer.
Plans were thwarted.
Floors are now dunzo!
And potty training has begun!

Notice her strategically placed sticker for one success.
Things went very slow.
She'd have 3 accidents to every success.
I was feeling discouraged.
"Did I start this too early? Is she really ready? How will I know for sure?"
So many questions.

A week and a half later.
We are getting there.
Today was a major milestone!
She pooped AND peed without me even having to ask!
To make the day even better,
Logan ran upstairs to me this afternoon and said she'd pooped again!
She had even taken it to the big potty, dumped it out and flushed!!
All By Herself!!
Today has given me renewed confidence that she IS ready.
She CAN do this.
Who knows, maybe she'll be fully trained by the time school starts back in a week.
Plus, it's pretty darn cute seeing this bare butt running around the house all day.
*although dads not too thrilled with it*

And not one accident has happened on our
glorious new floors that I'll post about soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Dear Son Logan's Future...

Apparently includes this:

Which is completely fine!
Because I LOVE Jeeps.
It also includes these:

And if you don't know, those are spinners.

He wants a Jeep with spinners for his first car.
He's been saying this for about a year now.
So I guess it'd look a little like this:
But in my mind,
it looks like this:
Yes, I know that's a hummer but still.
To make matters worse...
He spotted one of these gems in my sis in laws car the other day
(for what reason she had it in there I haven't a clue)
His eyes twinkled off the fake gemstones.
As soon as I saw it I knew what was coming.
"MOM! What is THIS!?"
Eyes of wonderment are abounding.
"Can I have it?"

I do NOT like where this is going.
I mean, kids change their minds all the time right!?

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Daily Monlogue

Having Brynn toddle along behind me all day
makes for some very interesting conversation.
It's riveting!
I'll give you an example:
Me: Brynn are you hungry?
Her: A ewe hungy?
Me: Brynn, where's your cup?
Her: Wheres cup?
Me: MAN! It's so hot outside!
Her: Soo Hot Mom!
Me: You're hot too?
Her: Hot too?
Me: Brynn! Why are you soaking wet?
Her: soakin wet.
Me: Did you play in the potty?
Her: Play potty?
Me: BRYNN! Why is there poop all over your bed!!??
Me: Did you poop in your bed?
Her: Poop bed?
Me: Yep, I think so.
Her: Yep, tink so.
These are just snipets of stimulating conversations that happen 24/7 around here.
Like a conversation with yourself all day long.
Maybe one day she'll actually start answering questions but,
for right now, it's pretty darn funny and I'm ok with that.
Her: Ok wit dat.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding Sleep

Some nights it's very hard for me to find sleep.
It doesn't happen alot
but when it does,
MAN my brain is on overload!
Last night was one of those nights.
Ofcourse I think about things that are stressing me out
But, I also write blog posts in my head.
I do this ALOT
and they never get written.
So today I decided to write a small list of posts I wrote in my head
This way, I'll HAVE to write them!
At least before the end of the year.
Here Goes:
(this would be thanks to the movie Remember Me that I just watched)
My Super Awesome Amazing Friends
He's Not So Little Anymore
The Sleep N*zi
(Don't want to use that term loosely but that's what my friends call me)
The Tales of a Two Year Old Toddler
Soooooo That's 5 right there.
I know I can do it!
I went to see what the kids were into and Logan informed me he HAD to build this castle from Lego's. He'd laid awake thinking about it and designing it and it had to be built!
WOW we are so alike it's scary sometimes.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This Night
This Crowd
Come on put em up
Let me hear it loud.
This Town
This City
This Crowd
Stand up on your feet
Put your worry down
And everyone of you
All Around
Come on ya'll let's take this town
I know I've mentioned Smithville before.
And the Fiddlers Jamboree that's held there every 4th of July.
My entire dad's side of the family lives here.
But, in all my 30 years of going, I've never really taken any pictures of this spectacular event!
Well, that's all changed now my friend!
I wanted to really capture the
True Essence of Smithville.
Let's explore it through photos now:
This is my cousins pool that we swim at every year.
It's on a golf course and right beside my Mema's house.
It's peaceful and country and I love it.

Here we have the Square.
Where all the action is!
I spent MANY evenings scouring these streets for boys
with whichever friend made the trip up with me that year.
And, ofcourse, with my dear friend Rachel (whose family I mentioned before) from ATL.
Obviously this was many years ago.

This particular photo
I mean, when will you ever see
Bratwurst Ice Cream
Italian Bistro
And a man clad in a sleeveless tiger shirt.
That's ALL happening here.
I have no clue what these little puppets are actually called
But I had to have one!
Every year!
You just weren't quite cool if you weren't walking around
with a fake pet on marionette strings.
Anyone know their name?
Fried Twinkies, Oreos AND Moonpies.
Deep Fried Pizza
And Batter Fried Veggies.
I'll start my diet tomorrow.
These rays were
I have no good commentary here
except I really liked these colors.
Don't you just want to sit on the curb
With a Sweet Tea
And maybe a
Deep Fried Moon Pie
And listenin to these fellas!
I told you my ENTIRE family lives here.
I'm pretty certain there's also a
Cantrell's Car Lot
Cantrell's Cemetary
Cantrell's Pizza Inn
*maybe not*
I just really liked this shot.
He looks all
And I love the fact that the mailbox beside him has
written in the dirt.

Ole Timey Pharmacy
My other cousin is the pharmacist here.

This may or may not have been a
good boy meeting alley.

Look at those ladies!
And that pink building!
And the aqua detailing!
I can definitely see why
Cantrell's Jewelry
Is Going Out of Business
Granny's Goldmine
to compete with.
This shirt along with a
Belly Button Lent Brush
were just a few of the treasures we encountered.
Yes, belly button lent brush.
My OTHER cousins house is just up the street from here and you must see it!
He's selling it and I took the photos for him.
It's glorious.
I'll post them soon.
Til Next Year Jamboree!

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