Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding Sleep

Some nights it's very hard for me to find sleep.
It doesn't happen alot
but when it does,
MAN my brain is on overload!
Last night was one of those nights.
Ofcourse I think about things that are stressing me out
But, I also write blog posts in my head.
I do this ALOT
and they never get written.
So today I decided to write a small list of posts I wrote in my head
This way, I'll HAVE to write them!
At least before the end of the year.
Here Goes:
(this would be thanks to the movie Remember Me that I just watched)
My Super Awesome Amazing Friends
He's Not So Little Anymore
The Sleep N*zi
(Don't want to use that term loosely but that's what my friends call me)
The Tales of a Two Year Old Toddler
Soooooo That's 5 right there.
I know I can do it!
I went to see what the kids were into and Logan informed me he HAD to build this castle from Lego's. He'd laid awake thinking about it and designing it and it had to be built!
WOW we are so alike it's scary sometimes.


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