Monday, March 8, 2010

Now That You're 2...What Can You Do?

Talk like nobody's business. You repeat the last word or two of everything I say!

"Brynn, you're supposed to poop on the potty!"

"Poooop on Potttty"

Recognize letters and either start saying, "A, B, C..." or "wettters"

Same with numbers. You count to 5 if I say it along with you but at 6 you always say 7!

Recognize and can name animals, as well as, the sounds they make.

LOVE being outside. If the door is left ajar you are out in a flash!

Running at lightning speed saying FAST as you go.

Greet everyone you meet with a HI and a grin.

Love storytime and talk about it every morning.


I Wub Ewe

Happy Burday toooo CAKE

Itsy Spiiiiiider

Remember places we pass when we're driving in the car.

Ex: Everytime we pass the bank with the water fountain that turns to ice in the winter you say


Fun Facts:

We say, "Be Sweet!"

You...tilt head to rest on your shoulder and give sheepish grin.

You have a super awesome fake laugh!

The Mema Walk. Nuff said.

Milk is a necessity in the morning. You chug it like you're an old sailor at the end of a hard day.

You & Logan are oh so fond of each other and play well together (for the most part). To send him off to school in the morning you wave, say baaayyaaa & blow kisses. Then you yell BOBO!

And tear up.

Oh, you've got the *sad face* down pat. I've never seen a lip so far out and eyes so pitiful before in my life! Me & your dad try to avert your attention and then secretly laugh to ourselves. It's so darn cute and I'm pretty sure you know it.

You love to wear

Our shoes. Your puuuse. Necklaces.

Anything girly.

Barney, Kai-Lan, Yo Gabba Gabba & The Wiggles are your faves.

I ask how old you are and you say

I 2! And hold up your 2 pointer fingers.

Your the Best Baby Girl I could ever ask for!
Being 2 suits you.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Me & My Boobs

There. I said it.
We go everywhere together.
Like 2 Peas in a Pod.
I've become quite found of them and them of me. It's part of what makes me a girl.
What if, one day, they were gone!?
Replaced by fake chicken cutlet thingys!
Smooshy, little, gel-like thingys.
Oh the Horror!
Even worse, what if Just One was gone!?
Then there'd be the one real and the one fake.
Always one feeling inferior to the other.
How strange would THAT be!
It's a reality I'd rather not face but, one I'm destined to deal with.
The fact is, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at around 36!
That's just a few short years from now!
Logan would be 14 *gasp* & Brynn would be 8!
And Josh 39. Just on the cusp of 40.
So many years ahead of them that they'll need me for.
They may not admit it but they'll need me.
I'll have words of wisdom and inspiration for them and I'll always be their biggest fan!
There through the good and the bad and I Want It All!
Every Stinkin' Minute Of It!
So I'm taking steps.
Precautionary measures to find tell-tale sings that might signal a problem.
When I first mentioned something to my GYNO about wanting to get started with mammograms she sent me to a Dr. Woman.
Upon first meeting she was shocked at my age. Said they'd never had someone as young as me come in. Then she used the word HIGH-RISK over & over again.
I kinda wore the title like a badge of honor while in her care. We questioned whether or not insurance would cover certain things and she'd say,
"Well I really think it's important and I'll appeal it if they don't. I'll write off your office visits if you're not covered cause I wanna follow you."
In some weird way, that kinda made me feel special.
Her first recommendation was BRCA (sounded out like Braca).
A genteic test that shows if I carry a gene for Breat Cancer.
But would I really want to know this? Yeah, I think so. If it came back positive I can take steps to reduce my chances of getting it by 50%.
So yeah, I think I'd rather know and be able to care for it early than turn a blind eye.
If insurance does NOT cover BRCA I am still scheduled for yearly mammograms with every other year doing the Breast Ultrasound.
Dr. Woman feels that having both of these gives you the best overall image of the area.
At the age of 28 I had my first mammogram.
At the age of 29, my first Breat Ultrasound.
Wish Me Luck On My Journey.

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