Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The First of Many

"Welp, he's got his Mamas smile!" said Dr. J flashing his unnaturally straight 1000 watt teeth. This was NOTHING to smile about!! My teeth were Horrendous!!
Today was the first of many orthodontic appointments. Today Logan met Dr. J!
My old orthodontist. He is the most phenomenal orthodontist I've had the pleasure knowing. Funny, engaging with the children & knows his stuff. If he can make my smile straight there is hope for all!! Plus he gives away shirts/muffins/coffee & tickets to be used for prizes.
Did I mention the video game area??
(I just noticed how long and lanky he looks in this pic)
How do I know he's destined down the path of orthodontics you ask??
Well this beautiful little smile was my first clue:
Then Dr. J took pictures & X-rays & this was my second clue:

And if that wasn't enough...I left with a packet of information

that included a list of "problem areas" that used words like:

Overbite Crowding Narrowness Protrusion

Dr. J is planning on taking a slow approach to the aforementioned "problem areas". Log still has some baby teeth and teeth coming in which means teeth will be moving. We will go back in February to check the moving and he will possibly need an Expander. I wanted an Expander sooo bad when I was a child! It had that cool key you'd have to turn every night to make it...you know... Expand.

Logan did Great with the whole thing! He's never been afraid of the dentist. I've made sure to never make any negative dentist statements just in case there was ever a fear starting to creep up in him. Actually, I think he kinda likes it what with all the cool art, toys, cave area and the fact that you get to pick a prize. So the orthodontist was just another cool kid friendly office with free things given out and video games that just happens to fix your teeth on the side.

On a complete Side Note:
While in church Sunday I was writing things and Logan would draw a picture to match. I wrote,
"A cat playing with a ball of yarn."
And this is what I got:

Ummmmm son, I love you. Is this an ant eater? Practice makes PERFECT they say


Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Day in Your Life

There are some days that, after talking with Logan about his day, he turns to me and says, "So what'd you do?" Hmmmmm, I often ask MYSELF that at the end of the day. So since what I do pretty much revolves around what SHE does...Here's a few things WE do:

Get Dressed.


Take on new challenges.

Love on Babies.


Learn something new.


Mix in some laundry doing, floor cleaning,

food making, homework helping, counter cleaning, studying,

organizing plus any extra activities that Big Brutha participates in and there you have it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Photoshoppin' Around

Now that Logan is back in school full swing and B is on a nap schedule it's time to master some skillz! I am learnin some new post-processing techniques key word:Learning...but here are a few before and after photos.


Don't you just love those colors! And those eyes...ohhh those eyes


Little more of a vintagey-feel...still working on this step but I'm really diggin the muted colors
Photos courtesy of Aunt Kiki's camera

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our History...in the making

Remember when I told you how obsessed I was with you when I was a mere freshman and you were a much much older senior? Yeah, I used to watch you come home from school...so what! ha
Then you graduated and I forgot about my childhood crush.
Remember the night we ACTUALLY met? Mom had just passed and you said you had heard and were sorry. I didn't even know you knew my name! Then you showed me a card trick and I was hooked.

Remember our first date to Demos?? Yes, I eat spaghetti REALLY fast...and now you know.
Remember the first time you kissed me? You asked if it was ok. What a gentlemanly thing to do!

Remember when you asked if I was in school? I WAS! How was I to know you meant college. Anyhow, you realized not too long after and apparently you were already hooked too.
Remember when you took my flying? WOW!

Remember how you used to leave me notes on my car while I was in class (in HighSchool)? I loved that.
Remember your nail brush you used to have to scrub with because working in an oil lube will do that to ya.
Remember when you left Romeo & Juliet (all time favorite movie)in your car for me? And how many times we've watched it since? Did you know that song was in our wedding? It was.

Remember that night you asked if I could say I Love You? Well, I just thought you meant could I say it...not, you know, SAY it. But I did making me officially the first to say I Love You. I did mean it though and thankfully so did you.
Remember the day we got married? It really was the best wedding I've ever been to.
Remember when I was preggers? The Over-Alls and how you HAD to help me eat ice cream and just How.Stinkin.Nervous.We.Were!
Remember when our son was born? AMAZING! I knew he would have a great dad to look up to and lead him down the right path.

Remember that time we took a mis-step? Faltered? Got off track? Yeah, me too. That's when you find out the most about yourself.
Remember when we got it right? Like makin lemonade from lemons.

Remember when we got Our First Home? And how loooong I searched for the right one? In the right neighborhood? For the right price? Yeah, we got it.

Remember Hawaii? And Whistler? Two pluses to the job.
Remember when we found out B would be a girl? I thought the technician must not be seeing it right. I just knew it would be a boy and had resolved myself to the fact we'd just have to try again for a girl. Ohhh you didn't know that did you;) I didn't even know I wanted a girl til that very day.

Time's have been fascinating and time's have been enviable and there have been trials and tribulations with many more to come. The more we endure the more I love you.

I am Thankful for you

I think you're an Astounding father.

I think you are Phenomenal at your job.

Awe-inspiring even.

You have Determination and Sticktuitiveness like no other.

I love you when your all of the above and I love you when your flaws show through.

I love the way you love me.

I loved you when I was 15. I loved you when I was 26 and I'll love you when I'm 82.
4 years of dating
8 years of marriage
2 kids



As I last mentioned, we were invited to a sort of "Let's Kick the New School Season Off" PlayDate. There were 6 adults, 20 kids, 2 baby pools, 1 whale spout sprayin pool, 1 trampoline, 1 slip-n-slide, 1 wooden play set and lots of ice cream!! Oh and, Yes, 20 Kids!! One lady had 6 all by herself. Well, not actually by herself...I mean she did have help. Oh you get my point. They ranged in age from 13 to 10 months. It was wild and crazy but loads of fun. I really liked the parents too. Not too uppity (if there's one thing that gets under my skin it's someone who think/acts like they're better than you), just relaxed moms around my age who were welcoming to a new face.

B was a little unsure
But made friends quickly
Then they babbled and stared at each other for a while...
seein as how speaking real words is not their fortay just yet.
Log jumped right in. Literally (green shorts black top)!
We had to take a comic book break.

All the older "more mature" kids enjoyin sundaes made with...


Think I'll get invited back? Hope So!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Make New Friends...But Keep The Old

I had awoke that morning and thought, Today Will Be The Day! Today will be the day I put myself out there. Today will be the day that I make a new friend. Maybe (hopefully) she'll have a child around the same age as Brynn. Maybe we will instantly connect and have playdates and maybe even form a small group of friends. You see, I have TONS of friends whom I love oh so dearly. They each hold a special place in my heart. However, they work. The 2 that do stay home live many miles away...one in Hendersonville and one in Florida (works part time). So yeah, not really suitable to meet up once a week. This leaves me alone most of the time.
I didn't really realize that I needed or even wanted another friend that stayed home and had a toddler. It hit me like a ton of bricks for some reason that morning. After B's morning nap I got us ready and hit up my new favorite park.
We pulled in and I see a group of people sitting under the pavilion and many children (from 1 to 12) running and playing. I secretly hoped that they would talk to me and like me. I took B to the slides and let her run around for a bit when I heard someone yell, "LINDSAY!" I saw one of the pavillion dwellers waving and motioning for me to come over. WOW!!! That was fast!
It turned out to be a girl I know, Alyssa. Her son & Logan went to CLA together and both transferred to DS the same year. We've recently started carpooling. She has 4 kids in 4 different schools!
She introduced me to the other girls who all had at least 2 kids with the most having 6! They all graduated around the same time I did although none are native Murfressboroians (pretty sure that's not a word). I sat and talked for the remainder of our time there and B happily played with the children. There were even a few that were her age!
When we left she said that most had met through one or the others kids school and tried to meet up once a week. I explained how I didn't really have anything like this and would love to be included.
Tomorrow, because schools are out for inservice, we will be going to Alyssa's for a water/ice cream sundae making day. This makes me smile. I'm feelin better already.

Writing can be very therapeutic


Sunday, August 2, 2009

This NEVER happens!!


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