Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Way That Babies Play

This past weekend some of our family from NC came in for a visit. They have a little gal, Chloe, that is a mere 4 months younger than B. Chloe is such a petite lil thing that B looks like a GIANT next to her! This is their running commentary as heard by me:

"Here, you eat that piece and I'll eat this piece."

"OK, now we're gonna both chug our drinks at the SAME time! Ready....GO"

"What's the Big Kid doin? Maybe he wants some?"

"MOM, I just don't really know about this baby."

"Bobo (logan & b's nickname for each other) do you see this kid? We're rockin together!"

"Hey, you're a really good rocker!"

"Thanks, I practice a lot"

Isn't she a doll!

And a shot of B for good measure


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My 101th Post...Feel special girls

Two of my very best friends in the whole entire world have July Birthdays. Mrs. Parker turned the Big 3-0 and Mrs. Marlin, the Even Larger 3-2 (she'll kill me for that ha!) Let's start with Mrs. Marlin's:

If there's one thing the Marlin's know how to do it's Host A Party! Carrie soooo graciously makes the trip from Hendersonville to The Boro quite often to visit her beloved friends. It was time that we reciprocate. There was food galore, many many kids, even more friends, cake and a live band. Yes...a Live Band. Ok, well actually it was just 2 guys playing acoustic (ahheemm...for a mere $40 for the entire night I might add) but they were phenomenal!

Here's a few pics to explain the evening

John telling one of his maaany stories.

He's got an arsenal of them I tell ya

Tiner couldn't believe her ears!The kids (minus about 10) ate some cake.

MeShell got all Indiana Jones on our a$$The band decided to play a few songs to calm her down.

We decided to dance.
(The words are what I sing to B to make her dance)

Carrie's hubby knows the way to a girls heart!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Marlin!!
PS No matter what anyone says you'll never look a day over 31 to me.

Now for Mrs. Paaaarker. Deciding what to do for a milestone as big as your 30th Birthday is hard! She decided on renting tables at The Bay for dinner...The Deckers didn't make this cause we were at the lake with NC cousins. I am never late. Then to The Pig for our ole buddy's (The Peterson's) cover band performance.

The band started to play &

The Parkers wanted a pic with the backs of their heads in it. I thought it was strange but I obliged.
Tiner told the crazy story she'd heard from John to Mrs. Marlin & Mrs. Paaaaarker. They were befuddled!

We decided to make a kissy face pic but a fly caught my eye.

I tried again with Mr. Decker and succeeded

Carol got thirsty.
Happy Birthday Mrs. Paaarker!!
PS You are waaaay hotter than DORA & don't let anybody tell ya different!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Monday nigth at 10:30 pm we arrive home from Whistler. Tuesday we rested and did TONS of laundry! Wednesday, packed and ready to go, I head out with the kiddos in tow to meet cousins in Destin. That would mean Logan(8), Brynn(1), me, Kristen (sis in law), Zach(4) and Austin(2). We weren't sure if Josh was gonna be able to get off yet so I went it alone. He ended up riding down with the brother in law, Jeff, and meet us there on Friday.

The kids did FABULOUS on the way down. Logan either read quietly or played DS and B would take a nap, wake up to eat (which I'd stop for and let her stretch her legs), ride & play for a bit then fall asleep again. Perfect. As mentioned in a previous post, the ride home was not the same. Hmmmm wonder what coulda made the difference....??

Basically we did a little bit of beach time...

And I must say, B loooooves the beach. She sat on my lap for about 15 min. surveying the situation. Taking in all the new sights and sounds. After her comfort level was established, she was down diggin in the sand, eating the sand, throwing the sand and splashing in the waves. Complete contentment! This, however, was a faaar cry from Logan's first beach trip. He was barely 2 and Would Not touch the sand until the last day of our trip. He is my cautious child (more Josh like), which can be a very good thing. B is a tad more adventurous (more me like).

We did a lot of pool time...

Canonballs, water surfin, hot tubbin, float loungin and swim practicin.
We did the Destin Commons Sprinkler/Play Zone...

Everyone was havin a great time until Zach's jellyfish sting, that he'd apparently gotten earlier that day, started acting up and Kristen had to leave with him. This left me with Log, B and Austin. All was well until I had literally turned my back for 1 min. to check on B and Austin had hit some kid. I realized what was going on when I turned back to see a grown woman yelling and pointing and shaking her finger in Austin's face. "Where's Your MOMMY!!! Where's Your MOMMY! You CAN.NOT HIT!!" A grown a#@ woman in a small childs face. And I mean YELLIN!! I rushed to his side to assess the situation.
"Austin! Why did you hit her??"
"She poked me in the eye!"
"OK buddy, you can not hit people! You need to go apologize to her!"
He immediately did and he seemed to be a bit somber. I think the lady really freakd him out. Ofcourse he should not have hit anyone but shouldn't the GROWN woman have a bit more sense than to get in a 2 YEAR OLDS face like that!!?? She could have handled the situation ALOT saaay maybe a Grown Up!? I could feel the gaze of every person around falling on me so I gathered the children and left the Splash Zone.

Jeff, Josh, Tay & Babysitter Linz showed up on Friday. We made our usual venture to the Red Bar in Seaside for the beach pics. It was Insanely packed and we got my Jeep stuck in the sand! The kids were NOT cooperating for pics before dinner so we thought we'd give it a shot afterwards. I was literally sitting in the doorway of the restaurant. Completely in everyones way and when I tried to put Austin's lid on his cup the cup crushed spilling drink all over the table and all over me. I scooped B up and stepped outside to breathe, pray & pray and breathe. Dinner was delish as always and we did manage a few pics out of everyone at the end of the night. Let me tell you, this is No.Easy.Feat. One day I'm just gonna sit back and video these crazy photo sessions.

Here's a few random shots I got. Kristen got the nice posed ones.

So with many thanks to Babysitter Linz we actually got an adult dinner and boy was it nice! Also thanks to Babysitter Linz we got to go to the beach while the small children (Z, A & B) took a nap. The waves were crazy big that day and we were getting pummeled! I wish someone had caught this on film cause I can only imagine what we looked like from shore. We would literally get smacked by a wave, recover, wipe hair from face only to get smacked again! It was hilarious! Only a few minutes in did I decide Logan may just be safer playin along the shore.
Thank You Babysitter Linz!

Destin Life
Aside from the Crazy Yellin Mom & jellyfish & gettin the jeep stuck we had a Blast. Mostly just hangin around the condo, pool and beach. Thanks Mayfields for the invite!


Thursday, July 23, 2009


My son just called me back to his room cause he needed one last hug. On my way out he said, "Mom! You're the Best Mom In The World!" Love that kid.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And now we have a 3rd Grader!

I do believe this is the first year I haven't teared up or had a full fledge crying session after I dropped Logan off at his first day. YEAA ME! So here we are, ready for a new school year to begin. We got all our supplies with homemade labels by muah (printers broke), new outfit, new shoes, still searching for a Pokemon lunchbox & top it off with the standard cinnamon rolls on first day of school we go!

It was a rainy, yucky mess out this mornin so we took our standard
first day of school pic in a different locale.

After While Crocodile!
MoooooM! Aren't you comin??
Yes, just had to get that shot! Onward my son
So I took a gander at his teachers, Mrs. McPhee (President of MTSU's wife), class site the other day and found a few interesting things they'll be doing this year. Dissecting fish (not sure how I feel about this one) and growing a garden were the two that stood out. Logan says the other kids were talking about how cursive and division would be up this year. I thought that was fourth grade but we'll see. We did practice them and, I have to say, the kid catches on pretty darn quickly! Here are some shots around his room. Each cluster of desks holds a small beta fish tank in the center that the kids will be taking care of this year.

Logan found a seat for himself and Brynn was entertained by all the kids. Some kids from Logan's class last year even rushed up to greet HER! Aren't his eyes just gorgeous with this shirt!

Logan & Zachary (friends from 2nd grade)

And this is Mrs. McPhee...mid parent speech

I have to say that when we entered her class this year I got a very warm, friendly feel from her. Quite a contrast to his 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Jackson. Stern yet loving is the vibe I got from Nanny...I mean Mrs. McPhee. As the kids settled into their spots the parents tended to linger for a bit. I guess she got the hint that we were waiting for something although, I don't think any of us knew exactly what. So she started with a few words:
"Parents, I want you ALL to know that I have an Open-Door policy in my class. You are welcome to come at ANY time. Don't linger in the hall or hover in the doorway...Come On In! You may call me at anytime with questions or concerns. My phone is open Monday thru Saturday. Don't call on Sunday cause that's my day off. That's my day with the Lawd (in true southern fashion)! This is going to be the best year yet! And with that being said, Parents, will you please excuse us now."
And that was that! The transition was very smooth this year and I think it just might be the best year yet!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Walking Contradiction

I went over & over & over this post many times in my head and re-wrote it probably even more. I am a pretty private person when it comes to emotions and for me to put this out there was a struggle. That being said...

I absolutely love staying home with my kids...with all my being and, in that same breath, it's the most difficult thing I've ever done. The fact that we are the ones shaping & molding them daily (ofcourse with help of family & now school) is something that I am sooo thankful for and I feel blessed that I am entrusted with these 2 little beings every day! I am grateful to Josh for the fact that I CAN be with them while they're small!

However, there is no one to give me gold stars or sing songs of praise or a lil slap on the rear end or saaaay a trip to Whistler when a minor feat of parenting has been accomplished. It can be quite lonely.

Although I did stay home with Logan I was working towards something. I was in school when he was at MDO and at nights when he slept. When I graduated I worked part time while he was in real school. I was there to pick him up everyday and could volunteer in his class. This was ideal. So I've never actually just.stayed.home.

I know I need to find my "thing" & I know exactly what I want to do. But to make the time & to find the resources to further my knowledge has been a challenge. I feel guilty for practicing or studying when I could be doing something with the kids or for going all the way upstairs when the kids are in bed and Josh is finally home. I know that before I know it they'll be grown and I'll have all the time in the world to myself so I try to take advantage of the time I DO have with them.

So basically, I'm a big ball of sad, thankful, frustrated, blessed...all wrapped up and tied with a big ole ribbon of In A Rut.

I did not put this out there for pity. Merely to get the thoughts out of my head and into some sort of organized fashion. This helps me identify the problem and find a solution. So if you happen to read this please don't bring it up in person. I'll get all awkward and embarrassed and fumble around with my words trying to explain myself (hence why I have to WRITE this stuff down). My main reason for sharing is to ask a favor of you...if you pray, will you include me?

And This Too Shall Pass


Thursday, July 16, 2009



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DA Sounds

Log joined Cub Scouts & played baseball this year. Since his dad looooved baseball as a child Logan loooves baseball too (he absolutely thinks his dad hangs the moon)! When I found out his Troop was venturing to a Sounds Game We Were In! I haven't been to a Sounds game since my softball hay-days. Yes, I was an AVID ball player. Lived for the sport! Me & my dad would go early. We'd watch the pitchers warm up and I'd call them as the balls would go zoomin past me. It brought back fond memories and it was so cool to experience that with my own kid.

Cub Scout Pack 108

Nothin better than a ballpark dawg

Suited UP

Oh and B went too! Wasn't sure how long she'd last but we made it to the 7th inning!! Pretty darn good if I do say so myself! And no, she did not lounge like this the whole time. More like 10 minutes out of 2 hours! HA! And did I mention that Josh threw his back out (merely shooting a basketball but don't tell him I told ya) that day so I had to lug this little rag doll to & from car & all around ball park! Sista gets heavy!

Sounds WON 3-1, Josh's back is much better now

& one more deposit has been made to the memory bank.

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