Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My 101th Post...Feel special girls

Two of my very best friends in the whole entire world have July Birthdays. Mrs. Parker turned the Big 3-0 and Mrs. Marlin, the Even Larger 3-2 (she'll kill me for that ha!) Let's start with Mrs. Marlin's:

If there's one thing the Marlin's know how to do it's Host A Party! Carrie soooo graciously makes the trip from Hendersonville to The Boro quite often to visit her beloved friends. It was time that we reciprocate. There was food galore, many many kids, even more friends, cake and a live band. Yes...a Live Band. Ok, well actually it was just 2 guys playing acoustic (ahheemm...for a mere $40 for the entire night I might add) but they were phenomenal!

Here's a few pics to explain the evening

John telling one of his maaany stories.

He's got an arsenal of them I tell ya

Tiner couldn't believe her ears!The kids (minus about 10) ate some cake.

MeShell got all Indiana Jones on our a$$The band decided to play a few songs to calm her down.

We decided to dance.
(The words are what I sing to B to make her dance)

Carrie's hubby knows the way to a girls heart!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Marlin!!
PS No matter what anyone says you'll never look a day over 31 to me.

Now for Mrs. Paaaarker. Deciding what to do for a milestone as big as your 30th Birthday is hard! She decided on renting tables at The Bay for dinner...The Deckers didn't make this cause we were at the lake with NC cousins. I am never late. Then to The Pig for our ole buddy's (The Peterson's) cover band performance.

The band started to play &

The Parkers wanted a pic with the backs of their heads in it. I thought it was strange but I obliged.
Tiner told the crazy story she'd heard from John to Mrs. Marlin & Mrs. Paaaaarker. They were befuddled!

We decided to make a kissy face pic but a fly caught my eye.

I tried again with Mr. Decker and succeeded

Carol got thirsty.
Happy Birthday Mrs. Paaarker!!
PS You are waaaay hotter than DORA & don't let anybody tell ya different!



Anonymous said...

geesh.........leave it up to you! You know I am really glad you got a pic of the back of Carol and Johns head.......I know they have wanted that for awhile.

Carol Parker said...

It is a very good pic of the back of our heads :) Good Times, Good Times!!

Lindsay said...

I thought it was really good too! Your hair looks good from back there

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