Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And now we have a 3rd Grader!

I do believe this is the first year I haven't teared up or had a full fledge crying session after I dropped Logan off at his first day. YEAA ME! So here we are, ready for a new school year to begin. We got all our supplies with homemade labels by muah (printers broke), new outfit, new shoes, still searching for a Pokemon lunchbox & top it off with the standard cinnamon rolls on first day of school we go!

It was a rainy, yucky mess out this mornin so we took our standard
first day of school pic in a different locale.

After While Crocodile!
MoooooM! Aren't you comin??
Yes, just had to get that shot! Onward my son
So I took a gander at his teachers, Mrs. McPhee (President of MTSU's wife), class site the other day and found a few interesting things they'll be doing this year. Dissecting fish (not sure how I feel about this one) and growing a garden were the two that stood out. Logan says the other kids were talking about how cursive and division would be up this year. I thought that was fourth grade but we'll see. We did practice them and, I have to say, the kid catches on pretty darn quickly! Here are some shots around his room. Each cluster of desks holds a small beta fish tank in the center that the kids will be taking care of this year.

Logan found a seat for himself and Brynn was entertained by all the kids. Some kids from Logan's class last year even rushed up to greet HER! Aren't his eyes just gorgeous with this shirt!

Logan & Zachary (friends from 2nd grade)

And this is Mrs. McPhee...mid parent speech

I have to say that when we entered her class this year I got a very warm, friendly feel from her. Quite a contrast to his 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Jackson. Stern yet loving is the vibe I got from Nanny...I mean Mrs. McPhee. As the kids settled into their spots the parents tended to linger for a bit. I guess she got the hint that we were waiting for something although, I don't think any of us knew exactly what. So she started with a few words:
"Parents, I want you ALL to know that I have an Open-Door policy in my class. You are welcome to come at ANY time. Don't linger in the hall or hover in the doorway...Come On In! You may call me at anytime with questions or concerns. My phone is open Monday thru Saturday. Don't call on Sunday cause that's my day off. That's my day with the Lawd (in true southern fashion)! This is going to be the best year yet! And with that being said, Parents, will you please excuse us now."
And that was that! The transition was very smooth this year and I think it just might be the best year yet!


Dusty Brown said...

You know, my friend that teaches fourth grade told that everything that she normally teaches is being moved down to third grade! hmmmmm!

Staples said...

How grown is he?? They are both too adorable. Im glad that you are back to blogging more regularly, I love reading it!


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