Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Deckers take Canada: Part 2

So after the Peak to Peak excursion we were about to head down the mountain when we came face to face with a Black Bear! We've discussed our plans if such a thing were to occur and attempting to make ourselves look larger and, in effect, scare off the bear was our plan.
Rob demonstrates our plan of survival:

He inadvertently is attackedMy plan goes off without a hitchHow do you think this turned out?? Stay tuned to find out!

That night was a Dell Dine Around. They gave us restaurants to pick from and off we went. We chose Bavaria which is a fondue restaurant and also where Tori & Dean (Home Sweet Hollywood) just partook of on their show. The food was just ok. All I really need is the cheese and chocolate.please.thankyou. We did have some interesting conversations though. One of our fellow diners was head of Retail in Canada. We talked Olympics, Canadian perceptions, healthcare and of course hockey (which I was completely out on).

On our walk back we stopped to do a little dancing which is always fun (josh lost his phone:(). I think all of Dell was there and then to the FirePit!

Rise & Shine! It's ZipTrek/Golfing Day! Again, Josh is terrified of heights so he chose to stay on the ground. He did see a mama bear and 2 cubs sitting at one of the holes...not 50 yards from them. And this video is of one of my zips. It was the longest on my trek...length of it is the height of the Eiffel Tower!!

After our adventures we get ready for dinner & dancing on Whistler Mountain (provided by Dell).

Let's just say that Josh apparently HEARTS Cotton Eyed Joe and had to dance immediately! OH if you coulda seen those feet movin! It's a rare occurence when the boy dances but should be witnesses at some point in everyones life. The band was phenomenal. I'm pretty sure the lead singer wanted to be Gwen Stefani circa 1995.

What happened with Josh and the bear you ask??

A picture worth a thousand words.


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