Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End of an Era

I can still remember the first time I saw it on TV. The ever-so-close-up of the eye opening. The tall swaying trees that were mirrored there. The sheer chaos that Jack sees when he first stumbles onto the beach. A mangled plane, the ear piercing whirring sound, grief-stricken screams, an explosion. I didn't know where the show would take me or what exactly was in store for the characters but I did know I was 100%, without a doubt, hooked.

If you don't know by now, I'm talking about LOST.

It has taken me a few days since the finale aired to write about. I needed time to process what I learned, how I felt & whether or not I was satisfied with the outcome. Now that I've seen LOST in it's entirety, would I recommend it to a friend? Can I even try to sum up what it was about?

The writers of LOST wove a story so intricately that people will still be talking about it 50 years from now. I don't think you will be able to talk about television without mentioning the show. It was nothing like anyone had ever seen.

I feel that, at it's core, it was a character study. The paths people choose and those that are there with them. What will we remember the most on down the line about our lives? The people. There are many details that remain a mystery but, I think it's because it wasn't really that important to begin with. The answers may not have been put right in front of our faces but, they're there. People tend to get so completely wrapped up in details that sometimes you miss the big picture.

It was a show that mixed theology with physics with the ever-elusive time/space continuum. It introduced you to different books and made references to certain things or people in history. LOST made you think and read and research things you probably wouldn't have otherwise. It made you dig deeper and broaden your horizons. Constatnly pushing itself and, intern, made you do the same.

Was I happy with the finale? YES! Did I cry throughout? YES! And did I sob the can't catch your breath sob for the last 10 minutes? YES! If you haven't seen it...Do So! You won't regret it. Promise.
LOST you will be missed.
We had a great 6 seasons together & I wouldn't change a thing.
Thank you for making me think just a little harder each week.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Is The

Heaven Help Me

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Age Ain't Nothin But A Number

And I truly believe that.
The BIG one has come and gone.
I don't feel a day over 25.
Probably never will.
Being thirty doesn't bother me in the least.
I kinda feel like I was made to be a 30 year old.
That being said,
I've never been one to make a big deal about my birthday plans.
I'm more like, "Here's what I'm doing."
"Can you come?"
"Can't make it?"
"Maybe next year."
I wanted this year to be different.
To be surrounded by my friends.
Don't get me wrong,
I had a fabulous family night.
But I really wanted my friends night
(this completely excludes my dear friend who's 9 months preggers &
Ann who I COMPLETELY forgot to add to my evite list!!! I'm so stinkin sorry)
It was stressing me out completely.
I just wanted someone to help me because I was lost.
Basically it ended with a friend coming to the rescue a week and a half before
And, with that short of notice on TOP of the flooding, only a handful of people could come.
Changing the date wasn't even an option.
I had already asked off for that weekend
and everyones calendars are filling up fast!
I am so thankful to those that did come.
Even after their worn out days of work and endless responsibilities.
It means more than you'll ever know.
I mean, 30 only happens
once right!?
Sometimes I feel like maybe I was expecting too much.
I guess everyone has grandiose ideas about such a BIG milestone.
I had a blast with those that came.
I mean, We DID have our own private concert
at a beautiful cabin inspired joint.
And hilarity ensued when games were played.
But I can't seem to help but feel down.
I may not come to everybody's everything
But I make sure I'm there when it really matters.

Even if it's hard on me for a day.

I can't say it was the best birthday ever.

I wish I could.
I wanted sooooo bad for it to be.
There's always next year right.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can You Guess...

Her Age?
Well right here she's probably about 1.
Born on 5-6 at 6:05
This probably explains her weird obsession with numbers
but that's a completely separate post.
By this time she had been walking for about 5 months already
and had potty trained herself.
That's right, don't feel bad.
She's just that smart!
She's lived in the same town her whole life
and wouldn't change a thing.
Family is tops in her book!
Her town went from a small & sleepy to one of the fastest growing in the nation.
Probably thanks to this little gal right here.
*i kid i kid*
Rarely got in trouble until she drew a hopscotch board on the harwood
just like on Sesame Street.
Or squeezed an entire tube of toothpaste in the sink
just like Ramona Quimby.
Organized a BabySitters Club
but never got business.
Spent summers at Center Hill lake with her Mema for weeks at a time
Kingsport for the Hot Air Balloon races
Myrtle Beach or Clearwater for vaca
And once a year to ATL to visit family friends
I'm told, as a child, she never met a stranger
and was constantly smiling.
Had here Voltron collection next to her massive Barbie collection
(that her daughter will one day inherit and she better be hapy about it).
Joined the Swim Team in HS
But would have rather joined Track.
She loves, loves, loves music and wishes she could draw.
Playing piano helps her relax.
Regrets not joining the School Newspaper or Photography Club.
Had a few semi-serious boyfriends but none compared to Him.
She got a little lost somewhere around here
but found her way.
Remember, she is
Just That Smart
Graduated college with a degree in PR.
And had some of the best times of her life!
(none of which will compare to what's ahead)
Is now on her way to growing her very own
Photography Business.
She married her highschool sweetheart
And has the closest of friends all from right here in the Middle TN area.
That and Two of the Most Beautiful Children EVER
Complete Her Life

That's right.

It's Me

And Now I am 30.

*ps i totally backdated this post*

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And Now For The Sappy Birthday Post

The other day
I was talking to one of you classmates mom
who has a daughter in middles school
She talked of how she feels so un-involved in the middle school
Rarely eating with your child in the cafeteria
Small amount of communication with the teacher
Basically not much assistance is needed at all from us Parents
This made me sad.
I know it's coming.
now for heavens sake.
So as I walked into your class to eat your birthday lunch with you
and deliver cookies to the class
I thought of how lucky I am to be able to do this.
To come into your school freely and see if your teacher needs help
To bring special things in on special days
To be involved with the school as a whole
And, in turn, be involved with your life, your friends, your work.
I shudder to think of the day you won't need or want me as much anymore.
I know it's a part of growing and spreading your wings
As for now, you need me!
More importantly, you want me there!
So I'm there.
You are maturing so fast!
And observing surroundings even faster.
You're kind to others
Make friends easily
Love music, video games, candy and soccer.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Lightning Thief and Silly Bandz.
You read your FIRST long chapter book with NO pictures this year!!
(The Lightning Thief)
While in your class your teacher had all the kids say something nice about you if they wished
What your friend Joseph said
Made My Heart MELT
"Logan, I like you because you're a really good friend and
whenever I'm sad you help me put on my happy face."

On Your 9th Birthday

I had a LOT planned!
Everything Outside
It would be your very first SleepOver
I was nervous, excited, ready for my impending night of non-sleeping.
You could hardly STAND to wait for Saturday to come.
The boys were to come at 3pm for WATER WARS

Capture the flag watergun style
Then we'd play
maybe even slip-N-slide
weather had a different opinion of how the day would go.
Serious threats of tornodos surrounded us
Everyone was nervous considering what happened last year.
The boys eventually came but, not til 5:30

We DID manage a few games of Capture The Flag (minus the water guns)
You guys LOVED it
You Strategized
And made Secret Sneak Attacks
And took your Flag Guarding
VERY seriously
But it got dark quick and we had to retreat.

Ohhhh Mother Nature
Why do you test me so!?
Many MANY video games were played

You wrestled and fought and made faces on silly stinky boys make

Cake & Pizza were consumed
and so was
Yep, and I think I actualy started that one.
WHOOPS sorry parents.
They all began busting the balloons and talking like cartoon versions of themselves.

I made an attempt to corral the boys for a fun game of
But it didn't go so well.

I think you guys finally drifted off around
2 AM

We gave out water guns, blow pops and
For party favors

Wake time was somewhere between 5 & 7.
I can't be too sure exactly
I was a tad tired.
had a blast!
And so did your friends!
Can I jus say how awesome these kids are!
Yes, they're rowdy at times
But they're also kind and respectful and encouraging to others

We Survived! Your First Sleepover!!
Love you Buddy
Happy Nine Years of Life
*sappy post from mom to come*

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Can Water Do?

Well, it's great for drinking!
Keeps me hydrated throughout the day.
I also like to shower using it.
Washes dirt & grime away nicely.
Also helps with the brushing of teeth.
And let's not forget swimming!
Swimming pools are a staple of summer around here!
Water can do more...
Much MUCH more.
You know that awesome new pool you got?
The one you couldn't wait to use?
Yea, no need for it really.
Not now that there's a lake in your yard.

What's that?
You wanted to catch some pre-season practice at LP Field?
Not today.

A nice cruise down the Cumberland at sunset on the General Jackson?
Something tells me it'll be a while.
OH you're hungry!
For cheese dip.
You mean that awesome little Mexican Restaurant
I think they're already closed.
Well, we were supposed to go to your game tonight but
All Games Have Been Cancelled
The water that has dumped on the Middle Tennessee area
the past few days was/is
No Joke.
So many people have had so much heartache
Rescue searches are still being conducted
People are still stranded
Some refusing to leave their homes!
The image below is supposed to be our interstate.
A main vessel in and out of Nashville
One I've taken many many times.
Can you even imagine the sheer terror these people felt?
My heart aches for them.
The images are saddening.

People have lost loved ones
Cars have been destroyed
Their homes, their place of safety
The place you wanna go to when you've had the worst day ever
Is un-inhabitable.

Mother nature has had her way with us
and she doesn't mess around.
Lives will continue
There may always be a hole but
Hearts will heal
Houses will be re-built
Things will be re-bought
Cars will be replaced
Streets will be repaved
And businesses will eventually carry on *hopefully*
Our area will be OK
And we'll all still be here til the
Cows Come Home
*all images via WSMV news site/FLICKR*

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