Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can You Guess...

Her Age?
Well right here she's probably about 1.
Born on 5-6 at 6:05
This probably explains her weird obsession with numbers
but that's a completely separate post.
By this time she had been walking for about 5 months already
and had potty trained herself.
That's right, don't feel bad.
She's just that smart!
She's lived in the same town her whole life
and wouldn't change a thing.
Family is tops in her book!
Her town went from a small & sleepy to one of the fastest growing in the nation.
Probably thanks to this little gal right here.
*i kid i kid*
Rarely got in trouble until she drew a hopscotch board on the harwood
just like on Sesame Street.
Or squeezed an entire tube of toothpaste in the sink
just like Ramona Quimby.
Organized a BabySitters Club
but never got business.
Spent summers at Center Hill lake with her Mema for weeks at a time
Kingsport for the Hot Air Balloon races
Myrtle Beach or Clearwater for vaca
And once a year to ATL to visit family friends
I'm told, as a child, she never met a stranger
and was constantly smiling.
Had here Voltron collection next to her massive Barbie collection
(that her daughter will one day inherit and she better be hapy about it).
Joined the Swim Team in HS
But would have rather joined Track.
She loves, loves, loves music and wishes she could draw.
Playing piano helps her relax.
Regrets not joining the School Newspaper or Photography Club.
Had a few semi-serious boyfriends but none compared to Him.
She got a little lost somewhere around here
but found her way.
Remember, she is
Just That Smart
Graduated college with a degree in PR.
And had some of the best times of her life!
(none of which will compare to what's ahead)
Is now on her way to growing her very own
Photography Business.
She married her highschool sweetheart
And has the closest of friends all from right here in the Middle TN area.
That and Two of the Most Beautiful Children EVER
Complete Her Life

That's right.

It's Me

And Now I am 30.

*ps i totally backdated this post*


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