Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ahoy Matey Shower

As me and the girls were sitting around brainstorming ideas for this shower it seemed to be going nowhere. Maybe we shoule just do colors. Not really a theme. That's kinda how her room is decorated anyway.
Then it hit us.
Like a ton of bricks!
A sailboat theme!
Blues & Reds & Starfish & Sailboats!
Our main inspiration is from the photos of the
Proud Parents to be below.
These crazy kids had Team O (for Overton) shirts made for a canoe trip one year.
His said Captain on the front and hers, First Mate.
I decided to use a photo from her recent Maternity shoot I did as the guest book.
And I also FINALLY got to make these adorable Pom Poms I've been dying to make
(via Martha Stewart)!
Don't they just SCREAM party! I love them.
So festive.
Everything on this cake is edible.
Even that plastic looking baby.
Honestly it kinda freaks me out.
A baby being edible.
But man that cake is gorgeous!
See!? Would YOU feel right eating that baby!?

These tees were made by our friend Katie. Some were iron ons and some she sowed
(is that the right word)! How cute is that guitar!

I had to throw in this shot of sweet Annabelle.
She's not feeling the baby eating either.
Seriously. I'm dying to take this little girls pictures!

One Proud Mama-To-Be

You think it's hard to take pictures of a group of kids?
Try a LARGE group of ladies!
Seriously, when we all get together it's pretty much constant chatter & laughter.
I Love You All!
Exhibit A:
Where's Jenn? I can't see Jenn?
Emily, what are you doing to Baby Ethan?
Amanda, are you still eating?
At least Michelle's ready.

Exhibit B:
Still can't see Jenn.
Teesha? Is that you peeping in there?
Now Michelle's gone and Katie & Emily are just so HAPPY to be there.

Exhibit C:
Carrie. Why are you still singing?
Amber, Carrie's singing is not THAT funny.
Tina. Smile!
Michelle's still gone but there's Jenn!

Exhibit D:
I think we got everyone In
And everyone Looking!
Can't wait to meet you Baby Ethan.
You guys will be Amazing, Loving parents.
He's one lucky little guy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Artificial Cousins *just like the sweetner but better*

By the looks of them
You'd never guess

That 2 of them

Live 10 hours away!

They pick up

Right where they left off.


Like a never ending

Game of Monopoly

Their Love

Is that everlasting.

They will be

Friends Til the END
But it sure is hard to say goodbye.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Washing Machine Disasters

It was a typical day in the Decker Home. Logan had spent the night with his Mimi & Poppy the night before & Josh had left for work. It was just me and the Beezer. I showered, made breakfast, threw in a load of laundry (because B had peed everywhere AGAIN) & swiffered the tile. I decided I would mop after I'd placed some photo orders for clients.

I was upstairs for 15 minutes when I heard a blood-curtling scream like no other!
I ran down to see B soaking wet.
Then I see a little wetness on the floor.
"Great, she's gotten into Ellie's waterbowl again," I think.
But, then I keep looking. I keep seeing more water. And more water. An inch of standing water in the kitchen, living room & the hallway is drenched!! Do you see the drenchedness!! (yes, that's a word) I panic! What the heck am I supposed to do! Call Josh. He comes home and immediately calls insurance company.
"Please LORD, Please let them pay for the flooring! PLEASE!," I pray.
First they decided to sent out a cleaning crew. So for the past week we've had NINE of these bad boys on full blast.

Yea, it's been great! The noise of a furious wind tunnel and the smell of 20 wet dogs living here for years. MmmmmMMmmm. Then there's this guy:
Apparently he takes moisture out of the air and pumps it into our sink somehow. Pretty cool huh! On the upside, we get all new flooring in both downstairs baths, new baseboards, hallway & (hopefully) bedrooms carpeted. I'm tellin ya, if they don't re-carpet the whole downstairs me and Mr. Insurance Guy are gonna have a chat. I mean, the carpets are done buddy. I'm not gonna have carpet in the hall & one bedroom matching and freshly new and old wet dog smell carpet in the other 2 bedrooms. Not gonna happen!
OH, and since our washing machine did this I'm having to farm-out our washing.
To Be Continued...

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