Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Has it been a month already?

I can't believe how fast she's grown already. We went for Miss Brynn's one month check-up the other day and she weighs 9lbs. 12oz!! What a little chunk! She did not, however, enjoy this trip to the Dr. Cried the whole time. Geez, can't wait til her 2 month check-up rolls around and we have to get shots! The Dr. informed me that by around 6-8 weeks things start getting a little easier. Easier as in longer times between feedings and sleeping longer at night. She will be six weeks next Friday! Let's hope the Dr. is right. He tells me I can't start a schedule just yet but soon. I do loooove schedules.

Things have been going really well so far (knock on wood). She seems to be sleeping a bit longer at night and by longer I mean four hours between feedings. Not a full nights rest by any means but we're getting there. She also slept in her bouncy seat from 8 til 2:30 AM last night! I'm hoping to keep this trend up and improve on it.

Her personality is already coming through:

We have had a few firsts this month as well. First bath, which as you can see below, she was NOT fond of. You would have thought someone was really hurting this child. It was really funny. Nothing to do but laugh and keep going.

She is also gaining a lot of strength in her neck already. She just holds her little head up and takes in the world.
She is fitting in to our family quite well.

A few pics from Easter

The Crazy Cousins!

Climbing Trees

Brynn's 1st Easter

Dying eggs with mimi


My handsome little man

New kid at school...

We found out the other day that Logan was accepted to the Discovery School! We are so proud of him! I think this is going to be a very good thing for him. He has already told me that he gets bored at school because they keep doing the same things. Although, at first, he wasn't thrilled about the idea of going to a new school I think he's on board now. We drove by and checked it out yesterday and he approved of the playground equipment.

I'm going to miss walking him to and from school though. Now we will have at least a 15min. drive there! Big change but hopefully for the good.

The one thing that worries me is that even though he's at the top of his class at CLA he may not be at Discovery. I just hope it's not too much for him. I mean, I do still want him to be a kid.
So as of July 15th he will be a new student at a new school! I'll keep everyone posted on his progress. Let's just pray that this will be a good fit for him and he enjoys it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Little Fingers Little Toes...

It's the little things that matter most.

Here's the specifics:
Born Feb. 22nd (her daddy's birthday)
at 5:12 pm
7 lbs. 3 oz.
19 1/4 in. long

I made Josh and Logan shirts to wear. We were planning to make more on that Friday but someone had other plans for us.

Here are some pics with her and the grandparents:

The hospital stay was nice but we were sooo ready to go home. I'm talking, 9 AM and get me outta here! We finally left around noon. Here are a few pics from her first day at home:

And I just love this one of her and her sweet cousin Zach!

Don't forget her very proud Uncle Vinny!

Brynn Hendrix Decker

OK, so we kept everyone waiting to find out her name. Why? So that when we got it narrowed down no one could influence our decision. We have a hard time making decisions period. Also, just in case we wanted to change it at the last minute we wouldn't have people calling her one name and then we all of a sudden change it to something different. Basically Brynn came from the Real World. One of my favorite realty shows. There was a girl on it like 6 yrs. ago with that name and it always stuck with me. It was also the only name that kept making our final cut list and we both agreed on it. Hendrix is my moms maiden name. She passed away when I was 17 and somtimes memories start to fade. I really miss her, now more than ever. There were never any boys to carry the name on so what better way to keep it going. It's a constant reminder of her, as if I don't think about her daily anyway. She sure would love these grandkids!

I started making her announcement long before she got her so that when she did arrive all I had to do was insert the pics. Above is the final product.

So basically here's how it all went down. Pains off and on for about 2 weeks. I was getting soooo frustrated! I thought she'd never come. I finally told me DR. to schedule the induction (which she had been pushing all along). I didn't particularly want to do this b/c I love surprises but I was OVER surprises by this point. We scheduled it for Sat. Feb. 23rd. In the middle of the night on Feb. 21st I thought, "She's gonna come on her daddy's birthday (Feb. 22)!! So I got up, got Logan ready for school, pulled out his loose tooth and came home. I called the Dr. and told her what was going on and she said go on to the hospital just to be sure everythings ok. Off we go, again (yes, we had a false alarm in the middle of the night and made my brother come over to stay with Logan). They put us in an AWESOME room! I was just thinking, "Please don't send me home again! I really like this room!" After a few calls to my Dr. she finally decided to keep me. I had an amazing nurse. I was at a 4 when they broke my water and she warned me the pains would get more intense. What did she know. I've done this before and I don't remember that. HA! Boy was I wrong. Thank God for epidurals! My dad, Martha Ann (Whom I will from now on refer to as MA) and Vinny came to sit with us for a few hours. It was such a good experience. We played Pictionary and Hangman the whole time. Not half as crazy as it was the first time. Maybe because I didn't tell any of my friends I was at the hospital til the nurse said, "Time to Push."

Anyway, Trish came up and brought Logan and finally Steve was found and joined us. The nurse checked me and I was a 7. An hour later (4:45 pm) she checks again and says, "Time to push!" This is when I thought, "My friends are going to kill me! Hurry! Josh, call someone!" I pushed for about 10 minutes and Brynn was here! It was soooo easy.
Logan nd Vinny were in amazement when they came in to see her. Just look at their faces:

Logan is already an amazing big brother. When he came in to meet her he whispered quietly to me, "Mom, Thank You for having a baby." I swear I almost cried.

Announcing the new baby...

No, I am not pregnant again!!

I almost forgot to post this. I started looking into blogs when I was about 5 months preggers and am just now getting around to it! Go figure! Anyways, I wanted to post the pics of how we told our family we were expecting. I first made a Big Brother shirt for Logan to wear (not telling him what it meant of course...hard to trust a 6 yr. old with secrets). He wore it in front of his dad for about 2 hours before Logan said, "When can I take this shirt off mom!" Finally Josh notices and realizes that it has nothing to do with the show I watch on tv. Well, this is how we told our families too. I wanted to tell all our friends at once so that I could break the news to all of them before it trickled down the gossip chain. This is why we did an email picture...told everyone with one fast click of the "send" button. Here is the pic from the email:
Ofcourse Teesha that I had some elaborate plan for her birthday (Feb. 25th) til she scrolled all the way down. haha

Brynn's New Room

So I'm not really a girly girl and was having a very hard time figuring out how I wanted her room to look. There is so much princess/flowery stuff out there. Finally I came across some bedding that I loved and was actually the cheapest I found. I thought I could just base her room around colors and then play with the patterns. Once I found the bedding it was time to paint! We enlisted the help of Steve and Trish for this task. Unfortunately, being preggers and all prohibits you from painting :( . The color turned out beauftifully! I wanted to do a green color on the wall that her crib would be on and a tannish color for the rest of her room. It's actually the same tan that I used in Logan's room. Check it out:
Now that I had it painted and the bedding picked I needed accessories! First off, I wanted to get the chair I used in Logans room covered. Martha Ann found a perfect match! I absolutely love it. I used some left over fabric from the chair to make the strings from the letter hanging above. Now if I could just figure out what to do about her curtains...
Here is her finished room:
Oh, I almost forgot... Mimi painted the beautiful bird pictures above her bed. I found them only for like $95!! That's crazy! She is sooo talented.

Family Shower

So, for this shower, I think I charged my camera battery for ummmm about 5 days! That was not going to happen again! I just love getting both sides of my family together. Something about having everyone in the same room helping to celebrate something is really special to me. I'm so thankful that almost everyone could attend! We had this shower at my sister-in-law Kristen's house. It was decorated sooo cute! Here are a few shots:

I got some really amazing gifts at this shower as well! Brynn got lots of things I'll need to take care of her such as, diapers, lots of wipes, lotions, bath stuff etc... Some of the ones that were my faves were her stroller, her toy box and her beautiful pink and brown blanket. She also got a really cute mobile of b&w pics of the Decker family made by Kristen. I had a wonderful time!
Thank you so much Kristen, Trish, Mimi, Sam and Sharon for helping to make it special!

Friend Shower

First off, I have the best friends anyone could ask for!I seriously don't know what I'd do without them. We had a low key shower at Logan's Restaurant. I just wanted everyone to be together without any stress since they had already had a more traditional shower for me when I had Logan. We met on a Sunday night for dinner. Unfortunately, my camera battery died after only a few pics!! How could I have let this happen! I loooove my pictures. And, of course, this is the one time where no one in the room brought theirs either! (where you at Summer? hehe)Here are a few that I did happen to get.
I had a blast at the shower and wish it could've lasted longer. Brynn got lots of cute baby girl outfits. I think people love to buy little girl clothes cause they're just so darn cute. Anywho, thanks soooo much Jennifer, Michelle, Autumn and Katie for helping get everyone together and for the adorable center pieces. And thanks to everyone else for coming and for the awesome gifts!

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