Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Announcing the new baby...

No, I am not pregnant again!!

I almost forgot to post this. I started looking into blogs when I was about 5 months preggers and am just now getting around to it! Go figure! Anyways, I wanted to post the pics of how we told our family we were expecting. I first made a Big Brother shirt for Logan to wear (not telling him what it meant of course...hard to trust a 6 yr. old with secrets). He wore it in front of his dad for about 2 hours before Logan said, "When can I take this shirt off mom!" Finally Josh notices and realizes that it has nothing to do with the show I watch on tv. Well, this is how we told our families too. I wanted to tell all our friends at once so that I could break the news to all of them before it trickled down the gossip chain. This is why we did an email picture...told everyone with one fast click of the "send" button. Here is the pic from the email:
Ofcourse Teesha that I had some elaborate plan for her birthday (Feb. 25th) til she scrolled all the way down. haha


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