Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Has it been a month already?

I can't believe how fast she's grown already. We went for Miss Brynn's one month check-up the other day and she weighs 9lbs. 12oz!! What a little chunk! She did not, however, enjoy this trip to the Dr. Cried the whole time. Geez, can't wait til her 2 month check-up rolls around and we have to get shots! The Dr. informed me that by around 6-8 weeks things start getting a little easier. Easier as in longer times between feedings and sleeping longer at night. She will be six weeks next Friday! Let's hope the Dr. is right. He tells me I can't start a schedule just yet but soon. I do loooove schedules.

Things have been going really well so far (knock on wood). She seems to be sleeping a bit longer at night and by longer I mean four hours between feedings. Not a full nights rest by any means but we're getting there. She also slept in her bouncy seat from 8 til 2:30 AM last night! I'm hoping to keep this trend up and improve on it.

Her personality is already coming through:

We have had a few firsts this month as well. First bath, which as you can see below, she was NOT fond of. You would have thought someone was really hurting this child. It was really funny. Nothing to do but laugh and keep going.

She is also gaining a lot of strength in her neck already. She just holds her little head up and takes in the world.
She is fitting in to our family quite well.


Bethany said...

Time flies doesn't it. Brynn is a good eater! She looks great :) It's amazing how fast they develop those skills. I love it!

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