Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New kid at school...

We found out the other day that Logan was accepted to the Discovery School! We are so proud of him! I think this is going to be a very good thing for him. He has already told me that he gets bored at school because they keep doing the same things. Although, at first, he wasn't thrilled about the idea of going to a new school I think he's on board now. We drove by and checked it out yesterday and he approved of the playground equipment.

I'm going to miss walking him to and from school though. Now we will have at least a 15min. drive there! Big change but hopefully for the good.

The one thing that worries me is that even though he's at the top of his class at CLA he may not be at Discovery. I just hope it's not too much for him. I mean, I do still want him to be a kid.
So as of July 15th he will be a new student at a new school! I'll keep everyone posted on his progress. Let's just pray that this will be a good fit for him and he enjoys it!

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