Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Family Shower

So, for this shower, I think I charged my camera battery for ummmm about 5 days! That was not going to happen again! I just love getting both sides of my family together. Something about having everyone in the same room helping to celebrate something is really special to me. I'm so thankful that almost everyone could attend! We had this shower at my sister-in-law Kristen's house. It was decorated sooo cute! Here are a few shots:

I got some really amazing gifts at this shower as well! Brynn got lots of things I'll need to take care of her such as, diapers, lots of wipes, lotions, bath stuff etc... Some of the ones that were my faves were her stroller, her toy box and her beautiful pink and brown blanket. She also got a really cute mobile of b&w pics of the Decker family made by Kristen. I had a wonderful time!
Thank you so much Kristen, Trish, Mimi, Sam and Sharon for helping to make it special!


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