Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh Baby Oh...How your belly does grow!

So yesterday my dear "old" friend Carrie and her son Maddox came to town for an impromptu photo session. She's 38 weeks and counting! Little McKane will be here before we know it and she really wanted some belly shots done.
She's got the perfect body for these types of pics. If we could all be so lucky!

We did this in front of Brynn's window. I love how the light is coming in.

OK, I think I looked like this at about ummmmmm...7 MONTHS! Sooooo not fair!

Look how happy Maddox is about his new brother! That face is Priceless!

Here's a birds eye view of what Carrie see when she looks down! Ohh those poor feet! Hey, at least she's got some fabulous heels on!

All in all I thought the pics turned out beautifully. Even though I'm just an amateur taking them in my house! Oh well, we worked it!
Thanks Carrie, for asking me to help out. Can't wait to meet Brynn's boyfriend!

Teething Monster has ARRIVED!!!!

I was finally getting some descent sleep last week. Brynn started sleeping til about 3:45 AM! "YEEEAAAA!! I feel so rested," I thought. Friday night this horrid looking monster reared it's ugly head and has taken over my nights!
Brynn is NOT her usual happy, go-lucky self. No Ma'am! This things got a hold on her. She shoves whatever she can into her mouth and vigorously moves her head back and forth so that whatever is in their at the moment will rub on her bottom gums. Poor girl. Poor me.
So last night I went to bed about 10. Got up at 12, 12:40, 1:40, 5 and 6:(
Does anyone know the number for Teething Monster Buster's?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Up Up Buttercup!

It's time for 2nd Grade!

We have been trying to get back on a school schedule for about a week. It only started happening about 2 days before school started though. He was definitely not ready to get up seeing as how he's been sleeping in til about 9 every day! This, of course, just started happening this year! The one year that there will be no sleeping in for Lindsay.

I made his favorite breakfast of cinnamon rolls as usual. He really just likes to lick the icing off.

Then it was outside for the mandatory first day of school pics on the porch.

While we were out having our photo shoot a visitor happens by. He (or she) has been frequenting our house for the past few days. She is very pretty and I am not a cat lover. She seems very sweet. So after this I go inside to get Brynn ready to go and Logan informs me that the cat has run upstairs! I instruct him to Get Her Out! I am highly allergic and Ellie would go ballistic! If you're interested in a beautiful, sweet kitty lemme know.

Then it's off to school. Again, another mandatory in front of the school picture.

Brynn and I walked him in and helped him get settled at his desk. While I was bending down putting things away I noticed his lil legs shaking! I said, "Logan, you're legs are shaking! Why?" He said, "Because I'm shy." Poor guy! Almost broke my heart. I've never seen him be so nervous before. Not even when he started Kindergarten.
By the way, he really likes to make funny faces for the camera if you haven't noticed. I snapped this as I was leaving. Right to work!
So when I picked him up he seemed to really have enjoyed himself. He liked his teacher and made some new friends. He was singing a different tune on the way to his first full day today. "I hate school," were the exact words I believe. Just so happens that we know 2 kids from CLA that go to this school now and neither got in his class but, they got in the same class. Oh well. I'm sure they'll probably see a lot of each other anyway. I'm sure he'll do fine and get used to going back to school in no time. Wish Him Luck!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brynn Update...

Brynn has started to looove her Jumperoo! She can really go to town in that thing. It's really funny to watch because, as you can see above, her toes barely touch the floor. Does this stop her from minutes of enjoyment? No! She has some serious toe muscles and can bounce just as high and as much as she pleases.

Now, as you might have guessed, Brynn has started cereal and baby food. This isn't so much for the nutritional value just yet but more for letting her practice knowing how to use a spoon. She loves her cereal and sweet potatoes. Not so fond of peas and, when I gave her pears this morning, she made the most grimacing face I'd ever seen! We made need some more pear time.

She has also started taking a bath in the big tub. Who knew a little baby could splash sooo much! The day she got me soaked in the sink is the day I said, "That's it! Your too big a fish for this water. To the big tub with you!" And she loves it. Now she has plenty of room to splash those flailing legs. Logan loves to help too. He is absolutely this best big brother any one could ever ask for. He loves her so much. Even when she's screaming bloody murder he doesn't get angry with her, he tries to help calm her down with comforting words or a hug.
He likes to call her Babe now and says, "Mom, she's the prettiest girl in the world." How precious is that!

Oh and one more update, Brynn has also started using a sippy cup. Again, not for the nutritional value of water, but for practice with a cup. She is slowly getting the hang of it.

The Blueberry Patch

When I read about the Blueberry Patch in the Post this weekend I just had to go! The last time I had fresh blueberries was when I went in Emily's uncles Jeep up the mountains of Dunlap (hang-gliding capital of the world). This was some serious off-roading! We got up to the top of one and found a huge patch of blueberry bushes. They were sooooo sweet and yummy!

We got there right when they opened at 7:30 AM so it wouldn't be so hot out. Vinny and MA came along with us. The boys had a really good time and Logan actually loved theses bluebuerries. I think he had a bad experience with them in the past.

MA was more excited about this trip than the boys! You can almost see the salivation coming from her mouth as she's picking them! Soooo intent!


Not sure why, but I just love the above pic of Logan. I love it when the sun hits right and you only get their silouhette.

Finished Project!

We ended up picking a total of 6 lbs. to split between us both. Now I just gotta find a good Blueberry Jam recipe! Oh and maybe Blueberry Muffins or a Blueberry Pie! Ohhh I could get carried away!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th/Smithville Jamboree

A sign of the times: When you really do nothing but sit at home for the Fourth and enjoy every minute of it!

We had the Decker family over for some grillin and some fireworkin' on the 4th. A blast was had by all.

Look at that love!

Logan is reeeeaaally into the bunny ears at the moment!

Don't his eyes look like crystals!

All the Cousins. minus Tay...again.

Sparkler Frenzy

The next day I headed down to Smithville with the kids for the Jamboree (or jubilee as my dad would call it). This has been a tradition since I can remember! Our family friends from ATL would always come down and they had 2 kids my brother and mine's age. Rachel and John Michael. I haven't seen Rachel in a few years now but her family is always there. Hopefully she'll come next year!! We always had a good time trying to find the cutest guys. Well here's some shots of us at our cousin and Memas house but none of the actual Jamboree.

Friday, July 4, 2008

My first attempt at actual photography...

As I mentioned earlier, my sister-in-law has a study behind her house. I wanted to take some pics of Brynn with my awesome new camera I got for X-mas. I also wanted to learn a little more about how to take pics. So here it is. My first attempt. How precious is she with her lil angel wings!

Love her pink bow. Can't wait til she has hair to fill one out but bald is fine for now.

Kristen took these last 2 pics. They are just too adorable!

The Cousins Minus Tay :(

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