Thursday, July 31, 2008

Teething Monster has ARRIVED!!!!

I was finally getting some descent sleep last week. Brynn started sleeping til about 3:45 AM! "YEEEAAAA!! I feel so rested," I thought. Friday night this horrid looking monster reared it's ugly head and has taken over my nights!
Brynn is NOT her usual happy, go-lucky self. No Ma'am! This things got a hold on her. She shoves whatever she can into her mouth and vigorously moves her head back and forth so that whatever is in their at the moment will rub on her bottom gums. Poor girl. Poor me.
So last night I went to bed about 10. Got up at 12, 12:40, 1:40, 5 and 6:(
Does anyone know the number for Teething Monster Buster's?


Bethany said...

Oh you poor momma! and baby! I hope this goes by fast...

Dusty Brown: said...

You know, oddly, neither one of my kids ever made a big fuss over teething. Good luck and get some sleep!

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