Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Up Up Buttercup!

It's time for 2nd Grade!

We have been trying to get back on a school schedule for about a week. It only started happening about 2 days before school started though. He was definitely not ready to get up seeing as how he's been sleeping in til about 9 every day! This, of course, just started happening this year! The one year that there will be no sleeping in for Lindsay.

I made his favorite breakfast of cinnamon rolls as usual. He really just likes to lick the icing off.

Then it was outside for the mandatory first day of school pics on the porch.

While we were out having our photo shoot a visitor happens by. He (or she) has been frequenting our house for the past few days. She is very pretty and I am not a cat lover. She seems very sweet. So after this I go inside to get Brynn ready to go and Logan informs me that the cat has run upstairs! I instruct him to Get Her Out! I am highly allergic and Ellie would go ballistic! If you're interested in a beautiful, sweet kitty lemme know.

Then it's off to school. Again, another mandatory in front of the school picture.

Brynn and I walked him in and helped him get settled at his desk. While I was bending down putting things away I noticed his lil legs shaking! I said, "Logan, you're legs are shaking! Why?" He said, "Because I'm shy." Poor guy! Almost broke my heart. I've never seen him be so nervous before. Not even when he started Kindergarten.
By the way, he really likes to make funny faces for the camera if you haven't noticed. I snapped this as I was leaving. Right to work!
So when I picked him up he seemed to really have enjoyed himself. He liked his teacher and made some new friends. He was singing a different tune on the way to his first full day today. "I hate school," were the exact words I believe. Just so happens that we know 2 kids from CLA that go to this school now and neither got in his class but, they got in the same class. Oh well. I'm sure they'll probably see a lot of each other anyway. I'm sure he'll do fine and get used to going back to school in no time. Wish Him Luck!


Bethany said...

"Logan, you're legs are shaking! Why?" He said, "Because I'm shy."

OMG! Love his little heart! What do you do? He such a sweet child...

Bethany said...

Check out my blog, I have a surprise for you!

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