Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ride From HEDouble Hockey Sticks

First off, we've had an absolutely amazing summer!! I honestly need a vacation from vacactioning. I am worn out. I think this all came to a head on our ride home. B did FABULOUS on the 9 hour drive TO the beach. She would fuss a little and then nod off for about 40 min. She did this 3 times. Way home? Not so much.

I guess it coulda been worse but we started out by missing a turn and adding 30 min. to the trip. She fell alseep for a bit but with all the stopping and turning and bumpy roads the sleep didn't last long. I kept saying if we can all just be quiet for a bit I know she'll fall alseep. I did this 5 days before. Josh kept talking (trying to stay awake). Logan kept talking because Josh was talking. Brynn was just blabbing and yelling. I.Was.So.Frustrated! So I say lemme drive, you go to sleep and Logan please read a book or something quietly. As soon as everyone is quiet she falls asleep. I am dead tired by the way. I blow cold air on my face and put in my earphones turned as loud as they will go to stay awake.

Twenty minutes down the road we hit stop and go traffic. Of course this wakes her up and that was the last time she slept. We got about 40 min. out of her on the entire 9 hour trip.

Let's just say I'm glad to be home. I felt very clausterphobic (which I'm not) and in need of space and air badly by the end of the day.
I will blog about all the awesomeness later. I just had to vent.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Me vs. The Canadians

Canadian Customs Personnel do not enjoy humor. It is frowned upon. They have a very serious job. And take it very seriously. If you do attempt to have casual banter you will immediately be given a stern look. After he is finished with you he will sternly look at you again as if to say, "Move along stupid American."
Lesson Learned.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Vacations

Tomorrow Josh & I will be leaving on a jet plane bright and early in the morn to here:

Whistler, British Columbia

Thank you to Dell's COE program we are going here for FREE! What's paid for you ask...flight, hotel, 2 activities of our choice and all meals (except 2 I think). I love free. Our last COE was to Hawaii about 3 years ago and it was unbelieveable!

Whistler is about an hour and a half from Vancouver nestled between the Blackcomb Mountains. Sounds dreamy right? We will be staying here:

The Fairmont Chateau
Nestled at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, The Fairmont Chateau Whistler defines mountain luxury. With true ski-in and ski-out convenience and on-site golf course, the classic elegance of this landmark Whistler hotel offers a modern alpine setting for unsurpassed guest service, exceptional dining and full resort amenities.
(description courtesy of Fairmont website)

Although we won't be there during prime-time ski weather we will have many outdoor adventures to conquer. While I'm doing this:

ZipTrek Eco Tours

Josh (he's terrified of heights) will be doing this:

Golf at the Fairmont

Then we will both do this one day:

White Water Rafting (hence my new Chacos)

Our free day will be spent exploring the quaint little town. Modeled after a Swiss Alpine Village, The Whistler Village is closed off to car traffic so we can stroll comfortably along cobblestone paths. (description courtesy of Dell trip GuideBook)

Obviously it will not be snowy while we're there.

I will miss our kids terribly but know they are in good hands. This trip wouldn't be possible without our family and I'm thankful. Breaks are needed and good quality time with Josh will be rewarding.

I hope to blog while I'm there but not sure if it will happen. I may be to enthralled with this Canadian town they call Whistler. The day after our return the kids and I are meeting cousins in Destin. PHEW!

Here's to Summers, Vacations, Dell, Canadians and Apr├Ęs

(all photos courtesy of Google Image)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Small Moments=Big Changes

Yesterday I made the fam venture out with me to help me spend my Binks gift card. I had HIGH hopes of finding some good sandals.

So many choices!
Out of nowhere Big L says,
"MOM! Can I get a Life Is Good Shirt, I really neeeed a Life Is Good shirt! I want a blue one and I want to wear it to the beach!"
WOW! I think. Where is the caring about clothes attitude coming from?
Well the Binks at the mall had no blue ones and I told him we'd venture to the one on The Square after B goes to sleep.
He was ADAMANT about us going and definitely going THAT day!
OK, OK simma down now buddy!
B goes to sleep and off we go (Josh is home with her...I did not leave her home alone to take a nap). He brings along his wallet full of birthday $$ and we find 3 that have caught his eye.
One is blue baseball shirt style, one is red with baseball on it and an orange one with a bike.
Big L: "Do you think they have a dressing room? I probably need to try these on."
Me, now trying to conceal my chuckles, heads to find said dressing room.
My son really wanted to go shopping for beach attire and he really needed to try them on and he wanted mom's opinion on what suited him best. This.Is.AWESOME!!
He decides on the blue baseball style tee and paid with his own money. He seemed so grownup in that moment.
It made me remember Baby Logan and Toddler Logan and PreSchool Logan and School Age Logan (DUSTY!! I DID IT!!) all in succession. His whole 8 years of living flashed before my eyes. I got sad.
And now we meet Tween Logan.
I miss Little Logi but I can't wait to get to know Big L!

We had a nice afternoon together walking around the square. Doing some window shopping. Later, during Sleeps, he told me he really liked shopping and it was his fave part of the day.

Man I love that kid.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buffalo River: Girls Camping Trip

Let me start by saying what an AMAZING group of friends I have! Some of us knew each other in HS and weren't actually friends til our college years. Some of us are from the college years. We are a tight knit group and I love everyone of you!

We have a tradition of canoeing the Buffalo every year. An all girls, only girls camping/canoe trip. There are years where one or the other can't make it (that's been me the past 2 yrs.) and they are sorely missed. Soooo if you didn't make it this year, here's how it all went down.

The drive to Wayne County, TN is mostly done by back roads and highways. In one word, SCENIC!! It was a beautiful day as we curved around mountains, went in and out of small valleys and ventured through small town life. All this combined with some good conversation with Mrs. Overton made for one peaceful 2 hour trip.

We arrive at our destination, Crazy Horse Campin!
Now I have a theory behind the name of this place. On our way to get here we pass by the Natchez Trail. I'm pretty sure Crazy Horse is the name of a famous Indian who has a legend deep in these parts. No, I have no proof but I do plan on researching it.

So we roll in about 3:30 pm and get straight to settin up camp. A few of us arrived much earlier to attempt to get "Our Spot" saved. It is at the very end of the campgrounds with 2 levels one of which is on the edge of the river bank. Sadly someone had gotten there even earlier than our crew and Made Their Claim! We did have quite a large spot just not as secluded as normal.
This is only about half of our site. To the right were more tents and the homemade bathroom...thanks to Jill and her skillz (also great job on the cutlery)! And yes, I said homemade bathroom.

After the setup was done we took to enjoying ourselves. Jill kept askin if we wanted to play CornHole and I'm thinking, "OK, she brought her travel size tailgating one." OH NO! She busted out with her homemade,very sturdy heavy wood one! Carol and I won so I decided to hang up my throwin hands on a high note.
Some nice fellow camper took this group shot for us. Although, it seems there were 2 camera people cause Carrie is the ONLY one lookin the right way. And man is she posin ;)
There's a little local Dive Bar right down the street so after some cornhole and enjoying the fire Jamie decided it was time to put on her Dancin Pants! Man, this girl has the fastest feet in the South! And believe me, there were some interesting locals!

Quick Funny Story Time:
Jamie has hairigami. Jamie Loooooves Hairigami.
Jamie never leaves home Without her Hairigami!
We all tell her, "Jamie it's time to let your hair down (literally) and stop with the Hairigami already!" Mistakenly she left one (yes, she has more than one) at my house a few months ago and asks me EVERY TIME I see her If I've brought the beloved hair piece. Well I happened to find it as I'm packing for the trip and attempt to surprise her with it fashioned ever so gently into my hair. This was a good as I could get it. Apparently I need Hairigami lessons from Jamie but she was elated! Now, I'm thinkin I probably shoulda just thrown the stinkin thing away.

Back to the Crazy Horse. We leave the Outpost ( I think that's the name of said local dive bar) and enjoy some fire cooked hot dogs and smores. We awake bright eyed and bushy tailed (not really) ready for a day of canoeing. We congregate around the fire and await the arrival of our 2 late friends...MeShell & T.

Ready to Hit The Rapids

Tiner is my partner and I'm in the back which means she's the speed person and I'm the direction person. We aren't but 15 min down the river and we see the current start to pick up with a turn to the left and a LARGE tree sticking out of the water. Most of our commrades have made it safely to the bank and are waiting on us...or maybe their just waiting to see someone flip! I'm thinking, "OK, we just don't need to paddle because the current here is pretty darn fast and it will just carry us in."
Keep in mind that I've missed the last 2 trips and my skillz are a little rusty. Faster and faster we speed towards the large brush of tree (or whateva the heck it is) and I stick my orr out to, I don't know...maybe soften the blow! But then what if said orr rams into my juggular.
Orr goes down and we ram this tree thingy at full force tipping us INSTANTLY!! I'm tryin to swim to shore, all our belongings are swiftly making their way down the river, our friends and some randoms rush to help us and, well, Thanks to Mrs. Carol P from Tennessee for grabbing her camera and getting the action shot above.

Onward we push. We pass some pretty waterfalls and 2 areas were people like to
Jump Off the Cliffs. NO THANKS!

A little farther down I feel I'm gettin the hang of being in the back and have learned the Back Paddle...it's a wonderful little maneuver. However, Tiner and I have switched places at this point for a lil variety and, Heaven Help Me, if Mel doesn't get in our way! We hit them and it instantly tips us slowly. I think maybe we can save it and attempt to flip us back but water was fillin just a tad too fast and down we went. AGAIN!! You can see T & Mel cluelessly paddling away in the above picture. Oh and thanks again to Carol P from Tennessee for being ready with the camera.

We finish the 10 MILE TREK (thankyoujamie) in just under 8 hours! The river was packed and I'm pretty sure we were the LAST ones off it! Oh well, We Did It. No Injuries and just a few hang ups along the way. Head back to camp for nacho dinner and some bongo/guitar playing (thanks to our campin neighbors). After a very sleepless night Auto awakes me at 6:30 AM and we get to packin.
Headed home.
Past the Natchez Trail, through windy country roads,
in and out of small town life and a beautiful day ahead of us!
See You Next Year CRAZY HORSE!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Things We Hide from Our Kids...

This week Logan (or Big L as he would now like us to call him) is attending Cub Scout Camp. The drive from our house to the Camp is down a beautiful windy country road. On our way this morning I see a small turtle trying to cross the street and say,
"OHHH NO!! Go back little turtle! GO BACK!"
It's very busy at this time because of work traffic and all the families going to the Camp. I think, "Man, maybe i should turn around and move him."
Logan: "MOM! MOVE HIM! That's what your supposed to do! It's the rule!"
Me: "Your right. Hold on and I'll turn around."
I had just passed the little fella and was turning around to find a spot to park and move him. I'm a lil nervous because there is so much traffic on this 2 lane windy road. So we're heading back..."I know he was right here near this bridge," I think.
Oh wait, I think I see him!
"Ohhhhhhhh Buddy...(i stop myself mid sentence) He must've made it," I said. I don't see him anymore."
The truth? He was dead. Dang it!

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