Sunday, June 14, 2009

Small Moments=Big Changes

Yesterday I made the fam venture out with me to help me spend my Binks gift card. I had HIGH hopes of finding some good sandals.

So many choices!
Out of nowhere Big L says,
"MOM! Can I get a Life Is Good Shirt, I really neeeed a Life Is Good shirt! I want a blue one and I want to wear it to the beach!"
WOW! I think. Where is the caring about clothes attitude coming from?
Well the Binks at the mall had no blue ones and I told him we'd venture to the one on The Square after B goes to sleep.
He was ADAMANT about us going and definitely going THAT day!
OK, OK simma down now buddy!
B goes to sleep and off we go (Josh is home with her...I did not leave her home alone to take a nap). He brings along his wallet full of birthday $$ and we find 3 that have caught his eye.
One is blue baseball shirt style, one is red with baseball on it and an orange one with a bike.
Big L: "Do you think they have a dressing room? I probably need to try these on."
Me, now trying to conceal my chuckles, heads to find said dressing room.
My son really wanted to go shopping for beach attire and he really needed to try them on and he wanted mom's opinion on what suited him best. This.Is.AWESOME!!
He decides on the blue baseball style tee and paid with his own money. He seemed so grownup in that moment.
It made me remember Baby Logan and Toddler Logan and PreSchool Logan and School Age Logan (DUSTY!! I DID IT!!) all in succession. His whole 8 years of living flashed before my eyes. I got sad.
And now we meet Tween Logan.
I miss Little Logi but I can't wait to get to know Big L!

We had a nice afternoon together walking around the square. Doing some window shopping. Later, during Sleeps, he told me he really liked shopping and it was his fave part of the day.

Man I love that kid.


Bethany said...

Too cute! And great choice Logan! Love me some Binks, which sandals did you get?

Staples said...

How cute is he! So grown up! I got a Life is Good diaper it!

Katie said...

You think he is a TWEEN now???? Give him 2 more years when he is Mad......then you will really get a dose of the TWEEN.....talking on the phone....but needed to talk in private like her and her 10yr old girlfriends have something serious to talk about......needing to dress daily in her walk in closet like it is a changing room with door closed)......oh how quickly they grow up!!!!

Lindsay said...

Oh I can not even imagine what the next 2 years are goona bring us...should be interesting! I got the Chacos. Ann...diaper bag?? I bet it's cute!

Dusty Brown said...

Oh my God. I just laughed out loud so much! Yay! You made a link and gave me a shout out!

You know, my sister told me one time that every time she thinks that she'll be sad to see more growth in her children, she sees a developement that just makes her more excited. I have found that to be so true. Miles is at the bittersweet point of starting kindergarten, but she is just becoming more and more of a friend to me every day. Last week, I had a little meltdown and cried about something, and I heard the most sympathetic little girl ask me if I was ok. It touched my heart so much. And Logan is so cute, too! I know he must be a fine boy!

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