Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ride From HEDouble Hockey Sticks

First off, we've had an absolutely amazing summer!! I honestly need a vacation from vacactioning. I am worn out. I think this all came to a head on our ride home. B did FABULOUS on the 9 hour drive TO the beach. She would fuss a little and then nod off for about 40 min. She did this 3 times. Way home? Not so much.

I guess it coulda been worse but we started out by missing a turn and adding 30 min. to the trip. She fell alseep for a bit but with all the stopping and turning and bumpy roads the sleep didn't last long. I kept saying if we can all just be quiet for a bit I know she'll fall alseep. I did this 5 days before. Josh kept talking (trying to stay awake). Logan kept talking because Josh was talking. Brynn was just blabbing and yelling. I.Was.So.Frustrated! So I say lemme drive, you go to sleep and Logan please read a book or something quietly. As soon as everyone is quiet she falls asleep. I am dead tired by the way. I blow cold air on my face and put in my earphones turned as loud as they will go to stay awake.

Twenty minutes down the road we hit stop and go traffic. Of course this wakes her up and that was the last time she slept. We got about 40 min. out of her on the entire 9 hour trip.

Let's just say I'm glad to be home. I felt very clausterphobic (which I'm not) and in need of space and air badly by the end of the day.
I will blog about all the awesomeness later. I just had to vent.


Dusty Brown said...

Sorry about your bad time on the road!

Bethany said...

Ah...I know the feeling! But the good news is that your home and can rest. can't wait for the pictures :)

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