Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Things We Hide from Our Kids...

This week Logan (or Big L as he would now like us to call him) is attending Cub Scout Camp. The drive from our house to the Camp is down a beautiful windy country road. On our way this morning I see a small turtle trying to cross the street and say,
"OHHH NO!! Go back little turtle! GO BACK!"
It's very busy at this time because of work traffic and all the families going to the Camp. I think, "Man, maybe i should turn around and move him."
Logan: "MOM! MOVE HIM! That's what your supposed to do! It's the rule!"
Me: "Your right. Hold on and I'll turn around."
I had just passed the little fella and was turning around to find a spot to park and move him. I'm a lil nervous because there is so much traffic on this 2 lane windy road. So we're heading back..."I know he was right here near this bridge," I think.
Oh wait, I think I see him!
"Ohhhhhhhh Buddy...(i stop myself mid sentence) He must've made it," I said. I don't see him anymore."
The truth? He was dead. Dang it!

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