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Show Us Where You Live Friday

Show Us Where you Live Friday - Children's Rooms and Nurseries
I have recently started reading Kelly from (can someone please teach me how to link to a site by just typing a word!! i.e. instead of typing Kelly's whole web address I can just put Kelly and it will be highlighted for you to click and go straight to her blog ARRRGGGHH) blog and no I don't know her.
Anyway, she picks a room of the house each week and many people post links to their rooms. It's really cool to get inspiration/ideas from. Well I feel I've only really finished the decor in my kids room and I'm actually really proud of it! So I've been waiting for her to announce the kids rooms!
Let's roll:
We'll start with an 8 year old boy named Logan's room:
This is the view looking in from the hallway. I wanted to do his room so that it could grow with him! There's no real theme...kinda rustic/transportation/old timey/hodge podge of sorts. I'm finding myslef giving control a bit to him and adding some of his personal touches.
He's a huge collector of any and all things.
Found his comforter at Target a few years ago and still love it. Slugger pillow was a recent gift for his birthday since he's palying ball this year. Initials on the wall were a gift from his Mimi.
It's hard to tell but they are kinda rustic looking letters.
His dresser has some old planes displayed along with his ever growing coin collection, AWANA awards and a small amount of the paper planes he's been creating ALL over the house!

This desk was also from his Mimi. I'm sure it was a yard sale find and it still has some scribbles in it which I think makes it that much cooler. As you can see, it's adorned with more of his collections. These are his Mario figures but he'll collect any little figures he finds. It also has a few things he made at the pottery places here in town.
This is his bookcase that has some of his sports trophies
along with some of his dads from when he was a wee one.
I found this gem at Hobby Lobby. It was originally almost $100 marked down to $15!!!
What.A Steal! It's for holding his collection of stuffed animals.

Just another angle of his room.
This shelf was my Aunts. I think she used it in her son's room many many moons ago.
Old fire enging similar to airplanes and alphabet blocks to spell his name. Doesn't the book say it all!

Another view shows a few things described below and also ANOTHER collection. His State Quarter map (I think we're only missing Ohio and Illinois). Then there's the growth chart, which we mark every year and saddly, next year, he'll be off the charts! Oh what to do...

The blue divider was again from Mimi. I saw it in her house and fell in love! I knew it'd be perfect for his room. The art work of Logan was done for free at a kids night at Chick-Fil-A and the longhorn is a shout out to Texas! My hubby is from there and my brother graduated from UT Austin. He's wearing a longhorn jersey if you can't tell.

Propeller coat rack also from Target.

Logan had to make, scratch that, WE had to make a Moon Phase project. Using dowel rods, hemp, foam balls and paint we came up with this. And now it's a mobile hanigng in the corner of his room. Couldn't let all my..ahhmm...I mean HIS hard work go to waste!

Found these vintage metal ad signs off Ebay for about $10 a piece.

They hang above the bed and I think they're totally cool!
And that's a Boys Room
Now for a small 15 month old girl named Brynn's room.

This is the view from the hall. I love love love the colors here! My sis in law gave me the idea of one wall a different color and I loved it so much I used it in the kitchen too! For her room I wanted to work with colors and shapes. Period. I've started adding a touch of whimsy as I've gone too. Think woodland creatures.
This was the chair I used to rock Logan to sleep in. Just cover it with more girly fabric and voila! One day I hope to use it for the grandkids. The paper lanterns I seriously hung today! I used them for her birthday party and have been meaning to do something with them. And, well, Kelly just lite a fire under me cause up they went! I wanna find some bigger ones to add more dimension.
The bed is a convertible sleigh style from Target and with about a $100 price tag couldn't be beat! I can not for the life of me remember where the bedding came from but I know I scoured the internet for it and knew it was The One almost immediately. Shapes, Colors Not too Girly...check check and check!

This is the motto for a childs life. The definition of Imagine. Curtains are pink sheers from, where else, Target!

View of changing area. Dresser was my sis in laws and it sure does make a great chaning table! Shelves came from Lowes. I wanted something deep enough to hold diapers and I loved that you could mix and match the shelves with the brackets!

Picture frames from Target and how awesome do those dots match her chair fabric! Block alphabet letters to spell her name and pink daisies, well because I love daisies.

Letters from Hobby Lobby and I used extra fabric from the chair to hang them with. Toy box from a local guy who makes all kinds of great wood pieces that just need to be finished!. I painted it white and got those adorable vinyl sticker from Target;) for $4!

A peek inside a girls closet! And, yes, almost ALL of these clothes fit her! Man, I really need to learn when enough is enough but there's just so much darn cute stuff out there. I may not be stylin but my daughter sure is...I'll live vicariously through her. Organizing boxes and rack are from Babies R Us. I love organization.

Two loast shots to finish this out.

This growth chart I found on my new favorite obsession...ETSY! It is 3 painted panels with the owls made of fabric. I told you to look for the Woodland creatures...

I saw these bird paintings in Once Upon A Child and they were OUTRAGEOUSLY priced!! I mean, it's a consignment store for Pete's Sake! So I found them online, printed them and showed them to our wonderfully talented Great Meme who painted them for us! All it cost was $30 for the canvases and it means so much more now coming from her.
And that's how you do a Girls Room.
PS the rooms are always this clean.


Shana said...

VERY CUTE! I loved looking at both of those rooms! Thank you so much for posting!

Dusty Brown said...

OMG You kill me. Type the word, then highlight it, then click on the little earth button and it will let you paste the link in there but only show the first word you typed. LOL!

Bethany said...

I love Kelly's Korner!!! I've wanted to participate, but I would have to clean and that ain't happening! ;) Glad you posted the rooms, I love them. Don't you just love Kelly's sense of 'reasonable' style??? She makes me and my sis want to be dress wearers.

Lindsay said...

Dusty! Thank you! Now it makes sense!! step by step instructions are what I need...assume I know nothing;) i too find myself leaning towards dresses Bethy especially in the summer cause lord know I don't own shorts!

Emily Hansen said...

Okay first of all i had to tell you that Jaden has the same bedding as Logan! Clearly I am not as creative as you so his room needs a lil more work but we are getting there. Second, I LOVE Brynn's room! The colors are beautiful! Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog! It is so sweet! Miss you and please tell Josh I said Hi. You have a beautiful family !


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