Thursday, May 21, 2009

29 and feelin fine

For those that are unaware, I turned the Big 2-9 the week before Mothers Day and yes, I'm just now writing about it. Better late than never right? Well let me just say that I am not one to get hung up on age AT ALL! So what if it's my last year in my 20's. I decided to have a very fun me day and just do whatever I wanted...well, as much as I could at least. I awoke to birthday wishes from Josh before he had to go to work *sad face*
So I got up and did this:

It was crazy hair day at school and this is what the kid wanted.
Ohhhh you shoulda seen the tub! I think it looks pretty cool though.
Then I was invited to a birthday lunch with Mimi & Great Meme. So when B got up I dressed her in a pretty twirly dress because it was my birthday and I'd better dress her how I want while I still can!

Then off we went. Doesn't she look pretty.

Demos was delish aside from the fact that our crazy waiter would come check on us and then throw out random words like protractor. Seriously,

"Do you guys need any water? protractor" just like that!!

He did this at least 3 times with different random words each time! I don't know if he was confused or just wanted to see if we were paying attention. I got a good laugh out of it though.

After lunch I said, "You know what...I'm gonna use some birthday $$ and get some new flip flops and polish." And I'm talking the OPI kind! I haven't found any I like better.

Now this is the
definition of summer!

When Logi got home I got my beautiful hand-made card and I finished the day by having a Partay at Bounce U!! No not really. We had the Awana Celebration there. Josh came home and got me some delish Mexican that I'd been craving. He also got me a facial!! I'm super pumped...I've never had one

To top it all off one of my all time favorite bands was playing in town the next night. What better way to spend a birthday than with a lil Mexican food accompanied by a few close friends followed by some Fantabulous live music!!
The Food The Man The Show

A wise man once said,
"You're only as old as you think your are."
Well I will never be a day older than 19 in my heart!

So what will 29 bring?
Knowledge? Wisdom? Memories? Love? Sorrow? Happiness?
I'm sure of it!


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