Monday, May 4, 2009

8 is Great!

I had to share the crazy awesomeness that was Logan's 8th birthday. This post is going to be a picture explosion! I had a hard to even narrowing it down to these so Enjoy!

Invites By Me

Annual Cinnamon Roll Birthday Breakfast. What can I say,

the boy loves him some cinnamon rolls.

Of course we had to take cookies to school and the boys were sooo excited and hopped up on sugar their faces contorted. Thankfully they returned to prior form before their parents picked them up from school.
Saturday we headed to the place of Logan's dreams...Go USA. This place has been there for years. No tellin how old it is but he looooves it.

Games were played.

Tickets were won.

Go karts were raced

Presents were opened.

Logan had a blast with his friends but there was still more awesomeness to come.
We had the family over that evening for some grillin. It was a B-E-A utiful Day!!

Logan wanted a badmitton set most of all.

There was some corn tossin...

And some swingin'

And a "Show Me Your Crazy Face" picture
And a failed attempt by me trying to catch his lil pecks on the cheek.
Happy Birthday you Big 8 year old you!


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