Saturday, May 2, 2009

Anatomy of a "Group Shot"

Austin, stand by Tay Tay...Taylor, grab Austin...
Addi has someone's phone, can someone get that phone...Taylor grab Austin...

Taylor quit makin those faces...Logan, Brynn, Addi look up here...Austin, get over here and smile! That's right you're all happy so act like it people
Nope, that's someones camera Addi has...can someone get that camera...Tay, arm down, Austin BE HAPPY, Zach, not that happy. Logan and Brynn DO.NOT.MOVE.

And there you have it. As good as it's gonna get.



Bethany said...

OMG! How many shots does it take to get the perfect group shot?
To Many Too Count! This has become a joke in my family, yet we still have to do it ;)

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