Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

After weeks of thinking, "Man, I'd like to take a Saturday mornin and just hit up some yard sales!" I finally did and boy am I glad.
Logan's school had a garage sale to benefit the tornado relief fund and that's where we were headed. When I walked out my door I'll be darned if our neighbors weren't having one. There was a 2 shelf, sturdy wood bookcase that I coulda totally re-vamp for B's room but another lady was hovering over it and snatched it up before I could.

Feeling a bit discouraged we headed out to Logan's school. He got a few toys for a mere 50 cents! I got an awesome Birthday Flag that I'll use every year to proudly display that someone is being celebrated.
Our final stop was to an estate sale with Mimi. O.M.G. she had soooo much awesomeness I couldn't wrap my head around it! I finally narrowed it down to this wonderfully deep wicker basket that will be multi-functional, rich yummy bowls and adorable little step ladder. Bowls+Basket= $10
Step Ladder=gift from Mimi

Ummm, yeah, I'm gonna do this more often!


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