Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brynn Update...

Brynn has started to looove her Jumperoo! She can really go to town in that thing. It's really funny to watch because, as you can see above, her toes barely touch the floor. Does this stop her from minutes of enjoyment? No! She has some serious toe muscles and can bounce just as high and as much as she pleases.

Now, as you might have guessed, Brynn has started cereal and baby food. This isn't so much for the nutritional value just yet but more for letting her practice knowing how to use a spoon. She loves her cereal and sweet potatoes. Not so fond of peas and, when I gave her pears this morning, she made the most grimacing face I'd ever seen! We made need some more pear time.

She has also started taking a bath in the big tub. Who knew a little baby could splash sooo much! The day she got me soaked in the sink is the day I said, "That's it! Your too big a fish for this water. To the big tub with you!" And she loves it. Now she has plenty of room to splash those flailing legs. Logan loves to help too. He is absolutely this best big brother any one could ever ask for. He loves her so much. Even when she's screaming bloody murder he doesn't get angry with her, he tries to help calm her down with comforting words or a hug.
He likes to call her Babe now and says, "Mom, she's the prettiest girl in the world." How precious is that!

Oh and one more update, Brynn has also started using a sippy cup. Again, not for the nutritional value of water, but for practice with a cup. She is slowly getting the hang of it.


Staples said...

Such cute pics! Somebody gave me that same rain forest jumpy thing, so glad to know that babies do like it! Cant wait to come visit again!

Bethany said...

Brynn is such a little lady! I cracked up at her bath picture. She has her legs together so very nicely! I love the rainforest jumperoo...that is what I wanted but my MIL bought her another one...it will do.

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