Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th/Smithville Jamboree

A sign of the times: When you really do nothing but sit at home for the Fourth and enjoy every minute of it!

We had the Decker family over for some grillin and some fireworkin' on the 4th. A blast was had by all.

Look at that love!

Logan is reeeeaaally into the bunny ears at the moment!

Don't his eyes look like crystals!

All the Cousins. minus Tay...again.

Sparkler Frenzy

The next day I headed down to Smithville with the kids for the Jamboree (or jubilee as my dad would call it). This has been a tradition since I can remember! Our family friends from ATL would always come down and they had 2 kids my brother and mine's age. Rachel and John Michael. I haven't seen Rachel in a few years now but her family is always there. Hopefully she'll come next year!! We always had a good time trying to find the cutest guys. Well here's some shots of us at our cousin and Memas house but none of the actual Jamboree.


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