Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh Baby Oh...How your belly does grow!

So yesterday my dear "old" friend Carrie and her son Maddox came to town for an impromptu photo session. She's 38 weeks and counting! Little McKane will be here before we know it and she really wanted some belly shots done.
She's got the perfect body for these types of pics. If we could all be so lucky!

We did this in front of Brynn's window. I love how the light is coming in.

OK, I think I looked like this at about ummmmmm...7 MONTHS! Sooooo not fair!

Look how happy Maddox is about his new brother! That face is Priceless!

Here's a birds eye view of what Carrie see when she looks down! Ohh those poor feet! Hey, at least she's got some fabulous heels on!

All in all I thought the pics turned out beautifully. Even though I'm just an amateur taking them in my house! Oh well, we worked it!
Thanks Carrie, for asking me to help out. Can't wait to meet Brynn's boyfriend!


Bethany said...

Are those maternity jeans, because they don't look like it... My goodness what beautiful pictures! Carrie you look great!!!

Staples said...

These are great pictures!! I will have to get you to do some for me when I visit.....

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