Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Your 9th Birthday

I had a LOT planned!
Everything Outside
It would be your very first SleepOver
I was nervous, excited, ready for my impending night of non-sleeping.
You could hardly STAND to wait for Saturday to come.
The boys were to come at 3pm for WATER WARS

Capture the flag watergun style
Then we'd play
maybe even slip-N-slide
weather had a different opinion of how the day would go.
Serious threats of tornodos surrounded us
Everyone was nervous considering what happened last year.
The boys eventually came but, not til 5:30

We DID manage a few games of Capture The Flag (minus the water guns)
You guys LOVED it
You Strategized
And made Secret Sneak Attacks
And took your Flag Guarding
VERY seriously
But it got dark quick and we had to retreat.

Ohhhh Mother Nature
Why do you test me so!?
Many MANY video games were played

You wrestled and fought and made faces on silly stinky boys make

Cake & Pizza were consumed
and so was
Yep, and I think I actualy started that one.
WHOOPS sorry parents.
They all began busting the balloons and talking like cartoon versions of themselves.

I made an attempt to corral the boys for a fun game of
But it didn't go so well.

I think you guys finally drifted off around
2 AM

We gave out water guns, blow pops and
For party favors

Wake time was somewhere between 5 & 7.
I can't be too sure exactly
I was a tad tired.
had a blast!
And so did your friends!
Can I jus say how awesome these kids are!
Yes, they're rowdy at times
But they're also kind and respectful and encouraging to others

We Survived! Your First Sleepover!!
Love you Buddy
Happy Nine Years of Life
*sappy post from mom to come*


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