Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Can Water Do?

Well, it's great for drinking!
Keeps me hydrated throughout the day.
I also like to shower using it.
Washes dirt & grime away nicely.
Also helps with the brushing of teeth.
And let's not forget swimming!
Swimming pools are a staple of summer around here!
Water can do more...
Much MUCH more.
You know that awesome new pool you got?
The one you couldn't wait to use?
Yea, no need for it really.
Not now that there's a lake in your yard.

What's that?
You wanted to catch some pre-season practice at LP Field?
Not today.

A nice cruise down the Cumberland at sunset on the General Jackson?
Something tells me it'll be a while.
OH you're hungry!
For cheese dip.
You mean that awesome little Mexican Restaurant
I think they're already closed.
Well, we were supposed to go to your game tonight but
All Games Have Been Cancelled
The water that has dumped on the Middle Tennessee area
the past few days was/is
No Joke.
So many people have had so much heartache
Rescue searches are still being conducted
People are still stranded
Some refusing to leave their homes!
The image below is supposed to be our interstate.
A main vessel in and out of Nashville
One I've taken many many times.
Can you even imagine the sheer terror these people felt?
My heart aches for them.
The images are saddening.

People have lost loved ones
Cars have been destroyed
Their homes, their place of safety
The place you wanna go to when you've had the worst day ever
Is un-inhabitable.

Mother nature has had her way with us
and she doesn't mess around.
Lives will continue
There may always be a hole but
Hearts will heal
Houses will be re-built
Things will be re-bought
Cars will be replaced
Streets will be repaved
And businesses will eventually carry on *hopefully*
Our area will be OK
And we'll all still be here til the
Cows Come Home
*all images via WSMV news site/FLICKR*


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