Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Way That Babies Play

This past weekend some of our family from NC came in for a visit. They have a little gal, Chloe, that is a mere 4 months younger than B. Chloe is such a petite lil thing that B looks like a GIANT next to her! This is their running commentary as heard by me:

"Here, you eat that piece and I'll eat this piece."

"OK, now we're gonna both chug our drinks at the SAME time! Ready....GO"

"What's the Big Kid doin? Maybe he wants some?"

"MOM, I just don't really know about this baby."

"Bobo (logan & b's nickname for each other) do you see this kid? We're rockin together!"

"Hey, you're a really good rocker!"

"Thanks, I practice a lot"

Isn't she a doll!

And a shot of B for good measure



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