Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Deckers take Canada FINALE

Back to our regularly scheduled program
Our next outdoor adventure took us down the Green Lake for a little White Water Rafting! I really had no idea what to expect since I've NEVER done this. I knew it was only a Class 2 but I had no clue what that meant. Well basically it means, Very Tame! Like let's go round some bends & let's see a few fast paced ripples in the water & paddle through them & BAM we're done. I was like, "Hey, let's step this thing up a notch! I'll take on that Class 4 and OWN it!" Sadly I have not yet ordered pics from this event SO I got no pics for this part of story time.

We were on our own for dinner this evening & one of our new found friends, Adam, (you know the one that got shot and is a total foodie!) told us about a style of eating called Tapas (not to be confused with Topless). It's basically like ordering a bunch of appetizers and sharing them. We had lettuce wraps, lamb burgers, elements signature bruschetta & about 5 other things I can't remember but it was YummaLicious! Desert was creme brulee & sticky pudding.

That night was back to the fire pit

I got to do my hike around the Lost Lake & to the Aborigianl Center that I've been waiting alll week to do! There is a rich aboriginal culture in these parts and I had to experience some.

And FINALLY we have the Farewell Dell Dinner @ the Fairmont. Again, amazing band, amazing food & amazing people.

This guy really liked to dance! And his name was Dick Tracy too boot!

We have to be up & out of the Fairmont by 5:15 AM!! That's right 5:15 AM!! Josh & I were the LAST ones on the bus!
The Deckers & a Nun: A flight from Vancouver

We flew out of this:

And flew into this:

It was terrifying. We circled the city many times trying to land but turbulence was horrid. I'm motion sick trying to hold it all together whilst those around me are crying, hyperventilating & just plain freaking out. We made our final descent into Nashville and the ground never felt sooooo good. That was our Whistler Trip. Thanks for reading! (if your still with me...I'm pretty sick of typing about it myself but I really wanted to get every detail so I could read it many moons from now)


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