Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DA Sounds

Log joined Cub Scouts & played baseball this year. Since his dad looooved baseball as a child Logan loooves baseball too (he absolutely thinks his dad hangs the moon)! When I found out his Troop was venturing to a Sounds Game We Were In! I haven't been to a Sounds game since my softball hay-days. Yes, I was an AVID ball player. Lived for the sport! Me & my dad would go early. We'd watch the pitchers warm up and I'd call them as the balls would go zoomin past me. It brought back fond memories and it was so cool to experience that with my own kid.

Cub Scout Pack 108

Nothin better than a ballpark dawg

Suited UP

Oh and B went too! Wasn't sure how long she'd last but we made it to the 7th inning!! Pretty darn good if I do say so myself! And no, she did not lounge like this the whole time. More like 10 minutes out of 2 hours! HA! And did I mention that Josh threw his back out (merely shooting a basketball but don't tell him I told ya) that day so I had to lug this little rag doll to & from car & all around ball park! Sista gets heavy!

Sounds WON 3-1, Josh's back is much better now

& one more deposit has been made to the memory bank.


Bethany said...

Man that Hot Dog looks good! Another fun night with the Deckers... I couldn't imagine going to something like that with Ella, she is one wild little monkey :)

Lindsay said...

Yeah, it was not the easiest most relaxing event for me but she was pretty happy for the most part

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