Monday, July 6, 2009

Freedom Day Weekend: Dunlap Edition

A new tradition that's starting to take shape is a trip to Dunlap, TN for more
Fourth of July Festivities
Where is Dunlap you ask? Well it's about 30 minutes from Chattanooga in the Heart of the Sequatchie Valley. Hang-gliding capital of the US
My old college roomie and one of my best friends, Emily, has lots & lots of family in Dunlap. Her Dunlap is my Smithville. Emily and her family
(hubby B-Ri, 5 going on 15 daughter Gabriella and
2 almost 3 yr. old Mr. Owen...Brynn's future hubby)
moved to FL a few years back and I miss her sorely! She always makes the trip to Dunlap for the annual parade and the family gathering at her parents home. How could I let her get that close to me and not see her and those beautiful babies!!?? Well I can't so we make the trip to see them.
It's an hour and a half drive through the COUNTRY! And it's GORGEOUS! I'm really really diggin the TN backroads these days. We could take I-24 but who'd wanna do that!? We miss the parade but make it to the gathering. Let me just tell you. To get to her parents home you drive up a windy one lane road to the very last house on the left. They have a huge yard full of shade trees.

Josh & B-Ri enjoyin the day
There was a bounce house and it was B's first time.

Logan made a crazy face
Me, B & ever-lasting friend Emily


"Cousins ;)" gabi, b, maddy, owen & logan

Left Dunlap and headed to The Parkers for a bit and the to the hizzouse. The people around our neighborhood spend bookoos of $$ on fireworks that there's really no need in leaving! It's always quite a show from every direction.
This is how B felt about the explosions...a face only a mamas kiss can calm

Logan Helping


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