Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Make New Friends...But Keep The Old

I had awoke that morning and thought, Today Will Be The Day! Today will be the day I put myself out there. Today will be the day that I make a new friend. Maybe (hopefully) she'll have a child around the same age as Brynn. Maybe we will instantly connect and have playdates and maybe even form a small group of friends. You see, I have TONS of friends whom I love oh so dearly. They each hold a special place in my heart. However, they work. The 2 that do stay home live many miles in Hendersonville and one in Florida (works part time). So yeah, not really suitable to meet up once a week. This leaves me alone most of the time.
I didn't really realize that I needed or even wanted another friend that stayed home and had a toddler. It hit me like a ton of bricks for some reason that morning. After B's morning nap I got us ready and hit up my new favorite park.
We pulled in and I see a group of people sitting under the pavilion and many children (from 1 to 12) running and playing. I secretly hoped that they would talk to me and like me. I took B to the slides and let her run around for a bit when I heard someone yell, "LINDSAY!" I saw one of the pavillion dwellers waving and motioning for me to come over. WOW!!! That was fast!
It turned out to be a girl I know, Alyssa. Her son & Logan went to CLA together and both transferred to DS the same year. We've recently started carpooling. She has 4 kids in 4 different schools!
She introduced me to the other girls who all had at least 2 kids with the most having 6! They all graduated around the same time I did although none are native Murfressboroians (pretty sure that's not a word). I sat and talked for the remainder of our time there and B happily played with the children. There were even a few that were her age!
When we left she said that most had met through one or the others kids school and tried to meet up once a week. I explained how I didn't really have anything like this and would love to be included.
Tomorrow, because schools are out for inservice, we will be going to Alyssa's for a water/ice cream sundae making day. This makes me smile. I'm feelin better already.

Writing can be very therapeutic



Dusty Brown said...

I know where you are coming from! A lot of our mutual friends don't even have kids yet! :) We live right by Barfield Park, so holler if you come this way!

Lindsay said...

Will Do!

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