Monday, August 10, 2009

Our the making

Remember when I told you how obsessed I was with you when I was a mere freshman and you were a much much older senior? Yeah, I used to watch you come home from what! ha
Then you graduated and I forgot about my childhood crush.
Remember the night we ACTUALLY met? Mom had just passed and you said you had heard and were sorry. I didn't even know you knew my name! Then you showed me a card trick and I was hooked.

Remember our first date to Demos?? Yes, I eat spaghetti REALLY fast...and now you know.
Remember the first time you kissed me? You asked if it was ok. What a gentlemanly thing to do!

Remember when you asked if I was in school? I WAS! How was I to know you meant college. Anyhow, you realized not too long after and apparently you were already hooked too.
Remember when you took my flying? WOW!

Remember how you used to leave me notes on my car while I was in class (in HighSchool)? I loved that.
Remember your nail brush you used to have to scrub with because working in an oil lube will do that to ya.
Remember when you left Romeo & Juliet (all time favorite movie)in your car for me? And how many times we've watched it since? Did you know that song was in our wedding? It was.

Remember that night you asked if I could say I Love You? Well, I just thought you meant could I say it...not, you know, SAY it. But I did making me officially the first to say I Love You. I did mean it though and thankfully so did you.
Remember the day we got married? It really was the best wedding I've ever been to.
Remember when I was preggers? The Over-Alls and how you HAD to help me eat ice cream and just How.Stinkin.Nervous.We.Were!
Remember when our son was born? AMAZING! I knew he would have a great dad to look up to and lead him down the right path.

Remember that time we took a mis-step? Faltered? Got off track? Yeah, me too. That's when you find out the most about yourself.
Remember when we got it right? Like makin lemonade from lemons.

Remember when we got Our First Home? And how loooong I searched for the right one? In the right neighborhood? For the right price? Yeah, we got it.

Remember Hawaii? And Whistler? Two pluses to the job.
Remember when we found out B would be a girl? I thought the technician must not be seeing it right. I just knew it would be a boy and had resolved myself to the fact we'd just have to try again for a girl. Ohhh you didn't know that did you;) I didn't even know I wanted a girl til that very day.

Time's have been fascinating and time's have been enviable and there have been trials and tribulations with many more to come. The more we endure the more I love you.

I am Thankful for you

I think you're an Astounding father.

I think you are Phenomenal at your job.

Awe-inspiring even.

You have Determination and Sticktuitiveness like no other.

I love you when your all of the above and I love you when your flaws show through.

I love the way you love me.

I loved you when I was 15. I loved you when I was 26 and I'll love you when I'm 82.
4 years of dating
8 years of marriage
2 kids



Staples said...

How precious! You are such a good writer...

And I that you see us on Labor Day. Our gals need to meet!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Ann!! Make.It.Happen

Bona Fide Mama said...

Happy Anniversary! And thanks for dropping by my blog. It's good to "meet" you!

Bethany said...

Such a great love story!

Dusty Brown said...

Oh dear Jesus, child. I'm covered in goose bumps and about to squall and it's YOUR marriage I'm reading about. LOL! Congrats to you both on all this time! I remember when I was a temp at Wiser and you talked alllllllll about Josh!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Guys! It's been a looong time in the making...the words just kinda poured out for this post.

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