Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The First of Many

"Welp, he's got his Mamas smile!" said Dr. J flashing his unnaturally straight 1000 watt teeth. This was NOTHING to smile about!! My teeth were Horrendous!!
Today was the first of many orthodontic appointments. Today Logan met Dr. J!
My old orthodontist. He is the most phenomenal orthodontist I've had the pleasure knowing. Funny, engaging with the children & knows his stuff. If he can make my smile straight there is hope for all!! Plus he gives away shirts/muffins/coffee & tickets to be used for prizes.
Did I mention the video game area??
(I just noticed how long and lanky he looks in this pic)
How do I know he's destined down the path of orthodontics you ask??
Well this beautiful little smile was my first clue:
Then Dr. J took pictures & X-rays & this was my second clue:

And if that wasn't enough...I left with a packet of information

that included a list of "problem areas" that used words like:

Overbite Crowding Narrowness Protrusion

Dr. J is planning on taking a slow approach to the aforementioned "problem areas". Log still has some baby teeth and teeth coming in which means teeth will be moving. We will go back in February to check the moving and he will possibly need an Expander. I wanted an Expander sooo bad when I was a child! It had that cool key you'd have to turn every night to make it...you know... Expand.

Logan did Great with the whole thing! He's never been afraid of the dentist. I've made sure to never make any negative dentist statements just in case there was ever a fear starting to creep up in him. Actually, I think he kinda likes it what with all the cool art, toys, cave area and the fact that you get to pick a prize. So the orthodontist was just another cool kid friendly office with free things given out and video games that just happens to fix your teeth on the side.

On a complete Side Note:
While in church Sunday I was writing things and Logan would draw a picture to match. I wrote,
"A cat playing with a ball of yarn."
And this is what I got:

Ummmmm son, I love you. Is this an ant eater? Practice makes PERFECT they say



Bethany said...

I can't believe it is that time already! It's nice that he is such a good sport about it all.

Katie said...

That paper the dentist gave you with the 3 pics of Log....those are priceless....the first pic looks like a mug shot....second pic looks like he had a lot of sugar......DEF. have to save those to show a girlfriend WAY WAY WAY dowen the road!

Lindsay said...

Ohhh don't you worry. It's already made its spot in the Logan file folder.

Dusty Brown said...

Hilarious. Your poor baby!

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