Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Little Light Reading

To stop me from having to say:
Logan put your dishes in the sink
Logan dirty clothes go in the hamper
Logan have you brushed your teeth
Logan you need to pick up your room

50,000 times a week!
I made his very own Chore Chart & printed it at our local Kinkos.

So now all I have to say is
Logan, have you checked your chart??
This makes mama very happy.
He's done fairly well with it so far. Only lost a few coins here and there (even a whole dollar at one point for some not so good behavior). After he saved for about 3 weeks he was finally able to purchase the book his little heart has soooo been desiring

Can we say OBSESSED!! Pokemon is alll up in this house right now! I am very glad I didn't try to re-do his room with touches of Mario here and there cause that character is out the window. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy playing Pokemon on his DS and find this massive Pokemon Guide very useful for my adventures. It's HUGE!

With all the excitement from his new purchase I need to make sure he finds time to read something a tad more important:
I had gotten a letter from our church stating that they'd be giving Bibles out to all the new 3rd graders with their names inscribed on it. Well I tried to call the office and let them know we'd be there but didn't reach anyone and then *gasp* I forgot all about it! When Sunday rolled around we got ready for early service (late service is smack in the middle of someone's nap) and off we went. It wasn't until I walked in and saw the lady I had tried to contact sitting at the front. Oh crap! That's this Sunday! Poor guy's gonna be the only kid not getting his very own Bible today! Mrs. Touchton immediately walked up behind during the first song and let me know she's ordered him one just in case we made it and that we needed to go up with him when it was time.
It was a great service and touched on a few things that I really needed to hear. Josh & I ushered him to the front for the presentation and prayers from the preachers.

Logan started looking through it as soon as we'd made it back to our seats. It has the look of a regular bible for adults but as we looked through it I was pleasantly surprised how geared toward children it was! It has some really cool colorful pictures and maps throughout it and tells you the story you're about to read at the beginning of the chapter (very handy for me).

He seemed to really like it but, something tells me,
he's a little side-tracked with another good read at the moment.



Katie said...

So wonder if he forgets to check "put clothes on"...that could make for some real teasing at school:)

Did the chore chart...and didn't you have the same chart I had couple years ago???Funny ...well funny you mention it...B asked Mad to do her chores the other day and she told him she needed a chore chart....he told her she was to old for that(10 is a little too old for that)and that if chores didnt get done before either B or I did the chores that day was deducted from her allowance......seems to be working out pretty well...she doesnt like not getting her full $$$$ amount at the end of every week:) KIDS gotta love um

Bethany said...

Lovin' the chore chart! You are so stinking creative!! Logan's Bible is pretty cool. Sounds like the kind of Bible I need ;)

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