Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brynn, you are NOW a toddler!

So Whatcha up to these days??

You will dance to almost any & every song you hear! And girl you've got some rhythm! None of this white-man shuffle thing. You've got full on shoulder, hip, twist and SHOUT action.
You love airplanes! Anytime one flies overhead you yell and point, say HI and then BYE and blow them kisses. It really is fascinating to watch you.
You are FAST!! Why just the other day in Barnes & Noble you almost had a fit over an Elmo doll. When I finally snuck it away from you (the thing was $15 for a small plush toy for pete's sake) and walked to the front of the store you did the arms up back arch move to slide out of my arms and took off full speed to the back of the store to retrieve your Elmo.
I had to SPRINT to catch you!
Elmo & Eebee are your favorite charcters although you're not really into tv.
You have many serious-face moments.
You can almost see the wheels turning trying to figure out this crazy world we live in.
Me Too Girl!
Your hair has gotten much lighter over the summer and I see some ringlets forming back there. All I really wanted (aside from health & happiness of course) was for you to have good hair and I think it's beautiful! Your eyes are a warm caramel color that reminds me of a favorite cappacuino and your skin is olive.
A perfect combination.

There is nothing you won't try. Especially if you see Big Brutha doing it first. Jumping on beds, couches & cushions is a big hit with you. Speaking of Logan, he adores you and you him. Watching the 2 of you interact is usually the best part of my day. People at the parks are amazed at how well you can do and go and climb for yourself.
I think the elder sibling has helped with this sense of adventure.
You can find your
Eyes, hair, ears & nose
Belly, hands, fingers & toes
You have mastered climbing UP the steps and are well on your way to sliding yourself
(on your belly) back DOWN the steps.
Your vacbulary is expanding daily.
Mama, Dada & Bobo (logan)
Mimi & Poppy
Nana, Pop, HayHay,Cway & Minny (Clay & Vinny respectably)
Kiki, ZaK, TayTay, Addy
Cat, Dawg hose, frog, duck, coooow, efant
Peez (please)
DaDu (thank you)
Random: Hungy, by-by, HI, hewoow (hello), hug, A Dun (all done), Dumpy (jumpy) & baby
Just to name a few.
You make animal noises too.
You have a mouth full of teeth. The last 2 sets you needed were your upper and lower incisors. Welp, I noticed the top ones breaking through just today.
Finicky, Toddler-like eating is creeping in and
I'm battling with all my might to keep you a Good, I'll try whatever, kind of eater.

Your Hugs & Kisses are plentiful! All day, every day.
And let's not forget the Hi-Fa's (high fives) & the blowing of kisses...even to strangers.
Well, I don't actually think you've EVER met a stranger.
You love to slide and...
Love to swing but...

The thing you love most right now is ME!
Keep on Growing baby
And never stop Experiencing
Cause I'll always be one step behind
Learning right along with you.



Bethany said...

So beautiful! This really a great age, besides learning the attitude, but everyting they are learning is so much fun to teach and watch!

Dusty Brown said...

This is a beautiful entry. I love it so much! I may have to steal the idea for Lola.

Staples said...

You are totally going to be my photographer when we move back! Sorry it never worked out when I was home, Abby was sick, it was probably good that her and B never met. I also noticed that your fav blogs are gone from the side, I used to read them....where are they??

Lindsay said...

Ann..I will soooo be your photographer!! I noticed just yesterday my faves were gone. Think it has to do with the new layout which I'll be changing soon so I'll get them back up for ya. Can't wait til ya'll are back

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