Monday, July 19, 2010

My Daily Monlogue

Having Brynn toddle along behind me all day
makes for some very interesting conversation.
It's riveting!
I'll give you an example:
Me: Brynn are you hungry?
Her: A ewe hungy?
Me: Brynn, where's your cup?
Her: Wheres cup?
Me: MAN! It's so hot outside!
Her: Soo Hot Mom!
Me: You're hot too?
Her: Hot too?
Me: Brynn! Why are you soaking wet?
Her: soakin wet.
Me: Did you play in the potty?
Her: Play potty?
Me: BRYNN! Why is there poop all over your bed!!??
Me: Did you poop in your bed?
Her: Poop bed?
Me: Yep, I think so.
Her: Yep, tink so.
These are just snipets of stimulating conversations that happen 24/7 around here.
Like a conversation with yourself all day long.
Maybe one day she'll actually start answering questions but,
for right now, it's pretty darn funny and I'm ok with that.
Her: Ok wit dat.


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