Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Potty Training 101

I had been planning since Brynn's 2nd birthday to start the potty training process this summer.
My plan of attack was to just stay home as much as possible
and let her run around naked, moving the potty from room to room with us.
Her prize would be a sticker to decorate the potty and a few chocolate covered raisins.
I figured that summer would be the best time since we didn't have any vacation plans
and I wouldn't have to worry about running Logan back and forth to school.
Well, our washer broke, as you might remember.
At the beginning of summer.
Plans were thwarted.
Floors are now dunzo!
And potty training has begun!

Notice her strategically placed sticker for one success.
Things went very slow.
She'd have 3 accidents to every success.
I was feeling discouraged.
"Did I start this too early? Is she really ready? How will I know for sure?"
So many questions.

A week and a half later.
We are getting there.
Today was a major milestone!
She pooped AND peed without me even having to ask!
To make the day even better,
Logan ran upstairs to me this afternoon and said she'd pooped again!
She had even taken it to the big potty, dumped it out and flushed!!
All By Herself!!
Today has given me renewed confidence that she IS ready.
She CAN do this.
Who knows, maybe she'll be fully trained by the time school starts back in a week.
Plus, it's pretty darn cute seeing this bare butt running around the house all day.
*although dads not too thrilled with it*

And not one accident has happened on our
glorious new floors that I'll post about soon.


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