Friday, July 23, 2010

My Dear Son Logan's Future...

Apparently includes this:

Which is completely fine!
Because I LOVE Jeeps.
It also includes these:

And if you don't know, those are spinners.

He wants a Jeep with spinners for his first car.
He's been saying this for about a year now.
So I guess it'd look a little like this:
But in my mind,
it looks like this:
Yes, I know that's a hummer but still.
To make matters worse...
He spotted one of these gems in my sis in laws car the other day
(for what reason she had it in there I haven't a clue)
His eyes twinkled off the fake gemstones.
As soon as I saw it I knew what was coming.
"MOM! What is THIS!?"
Eyes of wonderment are abounding.
"Can I have it?"

I do NOT like where this is going.
I mean, kids change their minds all the time right!?


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