Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Secret Garden Take 2

As we begin our morning walk at MY Secret Garden I immediately spot them...

Ohhhh aren't they U-G-L-Y!!
Then this strange little guy crosses our path:
Continuing on and we see a train begin it's journey.
He even lays on the whistle for us!

I try my hand at catching some Sun Flare.

Look up Little One! It's FALL!

Just as we come over the hill.... Look at those colors!

On our way back we find Grandfather Tree.
Twisting limbs and all.
Magnificient right?

TWENTY-THREE Canadian Geese!!!

Onto Dancing beneath the Pavilion

A duck & a mallard walk into a bar...
We pause for a break
if you don't know what this is I'm not telling
A perfectly framed picture.
We're out



Bethany said...

love the last picture of the duck taking flight! Glad to see the ducks stayed away this time :)

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