Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving: A great day for turkey NOT for tummies!

I'm just gonna say, our Thankful Thanksgiving started with a sort of bang this year. I came home from work around 11:45 pm on Thanksgiving Eve...starving & exhausted. I had 3 slices of cheese and hit the sack. Now, mind you, I had my morning completely planned out. Wake B at 6 AM so she'd nap at 9:30 and be up and in good spirits to leave for Smithville around 11. She needs at least one good nap. Finish the 48 deviled eggs that I'd boiled the day before. Unload & then load dishwasher. Fold clothes and put them in their places. Finish my Tom the Thankful Turkey project (don't worry, I have pictures and he's adorable). Pack car and, if there was time, work on pics from a session I had the other day.

Okay, now that's a full morning of stuff. So, like I said, I ate some cheese and went straight to bed...zzzzzzzzzzz...5AM I am jolted from my peaceful slumber by excruciating pains in my stomach. I am hunched over writhing in my pain with no way to make it stop!! I think, "Maybe fiber"...go to get the HUGE jar of applesauce and just dig in (although the thought of putting anything in my mouth makes me want to vomit) but it's MOLDED!! We just bought this! So it's back to the writhing. I wrap myself in the hard coldness of the bathroom floor and wait it out. Finally an hour and a half later I start to feel somewhat better. Get Brynn up cause I gotta follow through with her nap plan and pretty much lay around til 9:30. Get NOTHING done. Thank goodness Josh finished my eggs for me and went to get some medicine. I attempt a nap while she's sleeping. Get up, get showered and head to Smithville. Finish Tom the Thankful Turkey on the drive and realize this will NOT be one of those Thanksgivings where I actually enjoy the food. Good thing I love my family and always have a blast with them no matter what.

So enjoy the DAY & family togetherness I did. The food? Not so much. Monopoly was the game of choice this year. Logan is like the Monopoly Master! He always beats me and I really hate to loose! I guess it's a good lesson in patience for me. He played with cousins in Smithville and again at the Decker's. B was the star of the show. Only girl there, only babyish one there and she was eating it0 up. Let's wrap it up with a few pics shall we...
Clay has a totally cool app on his totally cool phone.
Point it up and you can see exactly where constellations, planets & the moon are.
The Game...
of choice.
Sure do miss him when he leaves!
My Mema...I adore her.
Tom the Thankful Turkey. Head & Body are styrofoam balls wrapped and wrapped and wrapped with yarn. Face is made from felt. Everyone wrote what they were thankful for on the construstion paper feathers. I love him and he will be our tradition.
Boiled Custard with ice cream is another tradition.
So are oyster appetizers which is a little strange but whateva.

We lost Uncle Tim (on the Decker side) a few weeks ago to a sudden heart attack. It has shaken everyone. He was a family man with 5 kids ages 12 to 28. They all live in NC but came here for Thanksgiving. Everyone wrote a few kind words about him on this balloon and released it Thanksgiving night. It was emotional to say the least.

Please pray for his wife & kids. They need it!



Dusty Brown said...

Oh my. I would have boohoo'd like a baby at the balloon release! Glad you got to feeling better, though!

Bethany said...

Love Mr. Turkey, what a great idea! Sorry your tummy was sad, but sounds like a very special day for you all!

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