Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Hidden Treasure

Lately, after Big Brother is dropped off at school, B and I have been venturing around town. You know, finding the beauty around us and all. Well I'd passed this far off fountain thing that looked to be in the middle of a pond, from what I could tell, a few times now. There was also a newly constructed building nearby. I could never figure out how to get to it and what it actually was.

Well yesterday on our way home I found what could be the entrance. We made our way there this morn and as I got closer to the area I could feel the excitement creeping in. Like a hidden little treasure in the middle of town. My own Secret Garden per se. There was bustle all around the area, but the walkway itself was completely isolated. I wasn't sure if it was actually open or not yet but I saw no Do Not Enter signs sooo fair game right!?

I got B out and loaded the stroller. Rounded the first corner and saw The Beauty All Around Us! Beautiful walkways, lined with lamp posts, a huge pond with a sprinkling fountain, bridges and trees and hills galore!! It was a photographers dream and I forgot my stinkin memory card. We walk the length of it and back. Saw a crane in the middle of a huge field. I wanted to startle him with our presence so he'd spread his massive wings and B could ohhhh and ahhhh at his grace. He wasn't budging no matter how much I rustled the grass. However, on our walk back, the pond was FULL of ducks...mallards, solid white ones and ugle chicken/turkey looking ducks. Twenty or so beautiful ducks for B's viewing pleasure.

The path is on a hill and is a little far from the actual pond. I knew B would be thrilled to see the ducks just a little closer. I take her out and walk about 5 steps towards the pond. We silently watch the 20 ducks float towards the other side with the ugly chicken/turkey ducks smack in the middle of the line. They spot me. They emerge from the water and are coming straight towards us. "Ohhh look at the pretty ducks B," I say. Ohhh they're coming faster. I stumble backwards. This doesn't look good. Either they're gonna Wing Attack us or they want food, which I don't have.

By this time, all the other 17 ducks have noticed they're (apparent) leaders have retreated from the pond and are quickly following suit. Twenty ducks. Coming towards us. Eithere hungry or lookin for a fight. No one is around. No one will hear me scream! I manage to scramble to the top of the hill. Don't bother putting B back in her seat and scurry away as fast (but calmly as not to startle them) as I can! As I'm scurring I turn back to see if any are hot on our tail. They have slowed and a few are furiously flapping as if to say, "GetOwwnOuttaHeea!"

Ohhh I will! For now. But we'll be back ducks.
You can BetYerBottomDolla on that! This is My Secret Garden!
We'll Be Back.



Bethany said...

I know where you are talking about! So it's gorgeous...may have to venture that way some day! Sounds like you guys had a fun little adventure...

Dusty Brown said...

Over by Medical Center Parkway? I have heard about that place!!

Lindsay said...

Yep, that's the one! It's sooo pretty

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