Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Makes A Happy Heart

In my case? Organization!
I began my fall wardrobe makeover a few weeks ago. You know, out with the summer in with the fall. Then. I got sick. BLAH! Body aches off and on all day and when I'd feel a tad better and get up to get things done my energy would be zapped. Like, "If I don't lay down right now I'm gonna pass out." The body aches and energy drain were my only symptoms for a week and a half. Until last weekend when it turned into more of a sinus infection feeling. So yeah, this kept me from my happy heart. But now, I can so with Pure Joy, it is complete! It may not last long but it sure will be nice while it lasts. If I'm feeling stressed or down or just plain BLAH I go take a peek at my beautifully organized closet and all is well again. Yeah, I may be a tad OCD.
Doesn't that make you happy!?



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